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Continuity Errors of the future past – Review and other thoughts. *Minor Spoilers*


X-Men: Days of the Future Past was one of the most anticipated comic book movies and was said to be Singer’s most anticipated project. Did it work, check out my review?

Days of the Future Past in a nutshell is a movie where Wolverine from future travels in past with help of his Mutant friends, into his younger self’s body to meet his mutant friends to save Wolverine and his mutant friends from apocalyptic future that is in store for Wolverine and his mutant friends. Wolverine also replaces Cable and Bishop as in house time traveller instead of the ones who are actually in the source material.


I am not hating on this movie. If you see it as a standalone movie then it is brilliant. No wonder it is doing so well worldwide. But the moment you starting looking at it with respect to previous X-Men movies a massive shitload of issues start coming up. Singer has tried his best to compromise story for visual effects and action scenes that till far is of best quality. A large part of this movie is wasted on dynamic of Xavier-Magneto-Mystique that is nowhere close to the chemistry Vaughn did with X-Men: First Class, in second half it gets even feely that at a point I yawned. 90% of the cast along with Peter Dinklage is underused but that is now so common with all the X movies. Something I’ve learned for X movies are that the characters who are promoted the most are first to die or get least amount of screen time. Michael Fassbender and Jenifer Lawrence shine up high and they steal the show with their acting. Not to forget the stunt scenes Lawrence has performed are simply splendid. Singer trying to fix the franchise creates more continuity errors because in the end of the day it is implied that original X-Men trilogy is in same universe as First Class.

I don’t know why every review is saying that Quicksilver steals the show. Yes he does something in 5 minutes of his pentagon sequence that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has failed to achieve in 6 solo movies. For me Bink’s sequences were the most amazing part of this movie. Her teleport sequences are so beautifully choreographed. I’d like to see more of her and Quicksilver in future X movies but it is more likely that she gets wiped out of continuity by the time movie ends.

Now let me tell you about the massive ego Bryan Singer has, not only with Marvel studios where he used Quicksilver for 15 minutes and promoted him as he is part of the main cast of the movie but with his own franchise. He has tried his best to neglect the story and continuity set by Matthew Vaughn with First Class. It is implied that apart from the 3 main characters and Hulk-Beast (Yes that is a term now) everyone is killed. In the end it is all about X-Men franchise and Bryan Singer and no one else.


Trying to fix the franchise X-Men 3 is now gone out of continuity and along with it events of James Mangold’s Wolverine no more exist as well. He could have gone with a total or soft reboot for the franchise but he was too busy saving everything that he created and wiping everyone else’s work from the franchise.

Now let’s talk about some continuity errors. No I am not going to tell you about how Pokemon Trask are two different people in this and X-Men 3 (Pokemon coz he must have evolved in future) or how Quicksilver in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a 8 year old kid, a movie that will take place a few years after this movie.

It is implied that Mystique at some point was captured and was experimented upon but when, in X-Men 3 she was depowered so unless Trask was so optimistic that he kept waiting for Mystique to gain her powers again there is no explanation when Sentinels were designed on her gene patterns.

Talking about Sentinels, if there were sentinels in X-Men universe since beginning then why they were never mentioned other than that one danger room training sequence. Also when Magneto attacked Liberty Island in first X-Men movie where were they?

Professor X is seen walking in this movie after compromising his powers, but we saw him atleast twice walking with his mind control powers intact. First when he and Magneto go to recruit young Jean in flashbacks of X-Men 3 and when he appears in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Did I say Professor X and Magneto went to recruit Jean together, well there is still no explanation for that since now they are bloodthirsty enemies and Magneto escaped once again. Also I remember Charles said that he made Cerebro with Magneto’s help, well lol.

Also if The Wolverine never happened, then how come he wakes up in Xavier mansion with strands of white hair? If he never lost his claws and the healing factor that means his aging process is not more affecting him that means he is no more growing old.

*End Spoilers*

Now from general audience’s point of view I noticed something interesting. A lot of people while getting out of theaters were talking about how Bryan Singer’s Quicksilver is the same grown up Quicksilver we saw in Strucker’s captivity. Since X-Men franchise is very much based on capturing and experimenting on the mutants so people kind of believe that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is simply playing the older version of Evans Peters’ character. Keep in mind that they unlike us don’t read as many newspapers and interview and are not keen on knowing what studio rivalry is. This may work in Marvel’s favor when we start getting promos of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Also the sentinels design looks a lot like Destroyer from Thor. People actually thought that sentinels are actually based on same blueprints from where Coulson’s gun was made because you know fire breathing dragons like huge robots are probably made on same design. Someone even said that Tony Stark must be involved in Sentinel creation.

And talking about Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is an amazing actor and he truly brings Wolverine to life on screen, I hope one day he’ll team up with original Avengers on screen and I’ll cry my eyes out. Just that they are overdoing him. He is like the center of X-Men movie universe that should not be. One creepy thing X franchise is moving to is that next time we’ll see Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse, Jean and Cyclops will be a part of the team and both will be teenagers while Wolverine will be a 100 year old by then. The timeline will coincide with original X-Men trilogy when Jean grows up to be an adult and has a love affair with Logan. I mean Logan hitting on a girl he knew since she was a 16 year old is too creepy even to think about it.

X-Men movies have always been my guilty pleasure. Singer has worked really hard to connect most of the movies as best as he could, but continuity flaws are going to be there, it is not something one can ignore. This could have been a lot better if there was more concentration on the story rather than CGI but there is nothing one can do about it. The movie is still better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but just a little bit behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It fails to creates any new standards but it seems Singer has a lot more amaze kept in store if he is involved in future projects is something we’ll see.

My rating 4 out of 5


Movie Review: Hugh Jackman…Errr The Wolverine


Surprised about the title? Well, The Wolverine is a movie or better say whole X-Men franchise is all about Hugh Jackman. He adds his own flavor to the film and somehow has been a convincing Wolverine for a class of moviegoers, of-course people who have no idea of the source material.

Hugh Jackman is back in his sixth outing as every one’s favorite Canadian X-Man. Wolverine’s first solo adventure on the big screen turned out to be an absolute garbage. If you think about it, all of Fox’s X-Men projects are filled with flaws. The Wolverine is no exception, but it is much easier to overlook the flaws in this film than in any previous one. Is it the Wolverine that we all want? NO. It is however a good take on the character and an all around decent film.

Wolverine follows from X-Men: The Last Stand still going through the guilt that he killed Jean. He is living life of a Hermit in Canadian Rockies and then accompanies Yukio to Japan to meet an old friend. I wonder how come Wolverine still remembers him if he lost all memory in first Wolverine movie? In Japan he gets there and magically falls in love with Mariko – which didn’t come through on the big screen. Also, it was rather funny seeing a 6’2″ Jackman towering over the Japanese actors when Wolverine is really supposed to be their height or shorter.

Yuiko (Rila Fukoshima) might have been my favorite character in the film. She is hinted at being a mutant, but in the comic she isn’t. They give her this kind of precognition power, but never come right out and say she is a mutant. She does have the same epic martial arts skill as her comic counterpart and again they keep the basic essence of the character intact.


The character that they truly screw up royally is the Silver Samurai. Screwed up, but not nearly as bad as you might think. Silver Samurai is supposed to be a frickin’ mutant who has the power to charge his sword and cut through anything – accept adamantium. The comic storyline saw Wolvie go over to Japan and learn – the frickin’ way – the way of the Samurai. Not “put two hands on the sword to form blazing sword”. It was absolutely terrible!


There is absolute no use of rest of the supporting character in the film. Hugh Jackman stands above all and in process they absolutely ruin characters of Viper and Harada. Spoilers begin here so skip ahead if you still haven’t watch the film. I am irritated over his loss of adamantium claws. I feel like Fox wanted to show his bone claws, which I can understand in a movie about Logan’s vulnerability. I get it, but I don’t like it. My biggest flaw with Fox controlling the mutant franchise is the way the mess with all of the characters. Silver Samurai does not have a sword that can cut Wolverine’s claws. One of the most epic moments in Wolverine lore is when Magneto gets pissed at Logan and rips his adamantium through his pores. Wolverine without claws is like Harry Potter without his Magic Wand. And did they explain how Adamantium Robocop was going to take Wolverine’s healing power? Okay. Bore into Wolverine’s bone marrow, but does that give Yashida the mutant X-Gene which is actually the source of the power?

There is an EPIC after credit scene that sets up Days of Future Past and other than that there was nothing worth watching in the film.

My rating 2 out of 5

3 Pros And 1 Con Of Matthew Vaughn Not Directing X-MEN: Days of the Future Past

When director, Matthew Vaughn informed that he is out of the director’s chair for X Men: Days of the future Past. A lot of people were heart broken by this development, but it made me feel better. While I liked First Class fine.The film was good for an action movie, but as an X-Men movie it was crap.

1. Matthew Vaughn already said that he didn’t care about the source material. This is a guy on record for stating he could give a sh* about the comic books. He only did this movie because he wanted to make a Bond type movies. At-least elements in X3 were truer than that in First Class. There were chances that if he continued things would have gotten messed up.


2. Better character development is something X-Men First Class really lacked in.Michael Fassbender was great as Eric, and his stuff with James McAvoy’s Xavier is pretty good. But look what happened to Emma Frost. Sebastian Shaw practically twirls a mustache, he’s such a cliché bad guy with a corny scheme. Moira MacTaggart wanders through the movie looking lost. And the first class of kids. Bryan Singer would give us better character development.

3. Back to basics. At its core, this thing should always be about societal issues- that’s X-Men at its best. People credit Chris Nolan for take Batman and comics to a realistic universe, but I argue that Bryan Singer’s grounded approach to X-Men was first. He pitted the characters ina world with real consequences and public reaction. And still managed to honor the comics. From the mutant registration act, to God Loves, Man Kills.This is the worst case scenario our heroes can face under the attack of persecution.



The new movie was fresh: What happens to the setting? Are we tied back to bland costumes? So here’s the thing about Singer. In hindsight, in some ways, he can be blamed for getting X-Men off to the wrong foot right from the start. Wolverine is too tall and pretty, Cyclops is second-string and don’t get me started on Rogue and Storm. Matthew Vaughn succeeded in showcasing a new perspective on these characters and this world. If Vaughn were to stay on, at the very least, we could see where his vision is going. I mean, it’s hard to complain about old continuity when a new continuity could develop into something great, too.


Did Darwin really died in X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class was the best X-Men film so far. Vaughn caught the essence of the X-Men closer then Singer and Ratner. Now one thing that pissed me off was that they killed Darwin in his forth scene.

As I watched the movie I kept thinking, maybe Darwin will come back but he didn’t.  Darwin first appeared in X-Men Deadly Genesis I became a huge fan of him. So to kill a mutant who’s mutation is to adapt to servive is pretty remedial, in that situation Darwin could have teleported like he did when he was fighting the Hulk or solidified or even absorbed the energy.

I watched First Class a second time I couldn’t help but notice that Darwin’s explosion was a “bit” abnormal and I can’t help but think when he reached out to Havok did he someone combine himself in an energy state to Havok similar to what he did with Garbriel Summers(Vulcan, who is Havoks younger brother, when he separated himself from Vulcan he made a body of pure energy and was discovered by Beast and Professor X, two key players in First Class. Now aside from just being discovered by Professor X and Beast he was found by Moira MacTaggart and taught by Charles, instead he is found by Charles and Erik in First Class and killed by Shaw.

Now Fox and Vaughn could be going a different route with Darwin being linked with Havok instead of Vulcan, and possibly Charles can read Darwins mind in Havok and releas him. Or may be we find him in an alternate timeline in Days of the Future Pas where he is alive or in the ongoing timeline he is discovered by Charles somehow.

This is all the theory and I hope we will see more of him in the sequel soon.