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Things that should happen during THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

1. T-Dogg should have a more to do. You know, be revealed as a bigger character. Maybe he kills or saves some major character

2. Lori should die by the hand of the Governor and reanimate. You know, maybe he strangles her or shoots her in the chest or slits her throat, but no damage to the brain should be done that way she can reanimate as a walker.

3. Rick should come across Lori when she reanimates and kill her. That would be a good season finale. Rick goes searching for Lori and finds her in the woods as a walker, so he shoots her in the head.

4. The group should split. Fall apart. This is how I think it should go. The group stumbles upon The Governor’s camp, and each of them are faced with the decision to stay with The Governor’s camp, or stay with Rick. This could be the mid-season finale.

5. A MAJOR charactor should die. Not just Lori, I’m thinking Hershal Greene or Maggie. Not Glenn or Daryle. If those two die, I’m done with this show. If Maggie dies, then Glenn will completely break apart, so I’m thinking more along the lines of Hershal.

6. Carl’s dark side should come out. Like in the comics. He should kill someone. Maybe T-Dogg or Carol, who he blame’s for Sophia’s death.

7. Zombies break into the prison.

8. Merle Dixon should return. Or at least have a cameo. And I’m not talking about a cameo like the one in Season 2. I’m talking a real cameo. But I really think he should have a major part in the story of Season 3. He should be one of the henchmen of the Governor. And when the group splits, Daryle is torn between his brother(Governor’s group) and Rick’s group.

9. Tyrese should show up at some point in season 3 and fall in love with Michonne

10. Morgan should return and his son should be a zombie. Maybe Rick just is able to contact him with a radio or something, but Morgan has to return. Or maybe Michonne discovered Morgan and his son and brought them to the prison to take refuge. Morgan should also fall in love with Michonne and there should be reaccuring fights between him and Tyrese.

The Walking Dead. Five Characters To Watch in Season 3


With images coming out from the set of The Walking Dead’s season 3, there are familiar and unfamiliar faces are showing up. While there will almost certainly be some more (rumors have it that at least two new recurring characters will join the cast this season, a pair of survivors who don’t appear in the original comic books), it seems pretty clear to anyone paying attention that some of these characters have major roles to play.

So for the people have already have watched already have some idea what is going to happen in season 3. For characters to look out for, here they come.


Showing up just in time to save Andrea last time, Michonne was the mysterious add to the cast that everyone was talking about..Michonne is a fan-favorite character in the comics, and someone who they’ve obviously put a lot of energy behind promoting. Not only did she get a great introduction at the end of season two, but her origin was printed (for the first time, mind you) in Playboy that same week. That means there is awesomeness written al over the part and definitely the one to look out for.


He hasn’t exactly been much to watch in the story. But the fans have noticed it, and producers have repeatedly promised that there’s a long game in place for T-Dog, and it involved more than just wandering into the shot with a serious face on.

As part of the cast he has nothing real to do on the show and because of the stereotypical black guy in the cast and after Michonne’s introduction and Tyrese’s appearance rumour he is the guy who may have to leave the show sooner or later

The Governor


He is the season’s bid guy and he is one of the most horrible human characters written in the history of Graphic Novels. The governor in many ways is exactly opposite of what Rick is.

While Rick already trying to come up with his Ricktatorship and telling the survivors to follow his lead of they want to live. A war is coming between two kings and its worth watching

Lori Grimes


As the comic books suggests Lori’s pregnancy is going to become a major plotlines on the show. For a newborn baby its totally a different world to survive in and then adding someone to the tribe who cannot even save itself is like bringing along a liability. Let’s see how Lori manages things while being with the Governor

Merle Dixon

Merle is a jerk and he is one of the Fan Favourites. He along with his brother are fan favourites from season one.

Now when set photos confirm that he is living in the Woodbury camp that means he’ll return

The dynamic between Daryl and Merle is something much watching for when Daryl is already close to Rick now he’ll have some or other clash of loyalty between the two.

So lets wait for the show which is under production right now as it seems, because there are few things in this world worth waiting for and this show is one of them.