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6 New Comic Book Animated Shows (And 2 Revived) – I want to see on TV


We live in a golden era of Comic book movies and TV shows coming to life. For someone who grew up watching animated shows, I still believe that it is the best medium to tell a story. Animated shows have a power of storytelling that no other medium has. Spanning a number of episodes, these shows build a story layer by layer. Animation is cheaper compared to TV or movies and hence uses graphics and action sequences in a much elaborate way.

Over time and time animation has given us some great ones like Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as Joker and Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor. My last favorites, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Young Justice were axed by their respective networks because the executives thought that it was too mature for their audience. Over time and time I have been wishing for more animated shows and here are some that I want to watch.

Marvel Max – Made for a network like Netflix or HBO, Marvel Max can elaborate adventures of Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage and have an opportunity to introduce new characters like Moon Kinght, Ghostrider, Blade in the process. The opportunities with this show is unlimited and so are the number of stories they can go with.


Teen Titans v2 – The current Teen Titans is so dumb and stupid that even the kids of this era are refusing it to watch. What we need is a Teen Titans animated show on the lines of Young Justice. We all know the origin of the classic Teen Titans team. This show will give a chance to introduce new members and departure of some old ones.


Fantastic Four – It’s been a while that we have seen anything decent related to Fantastic Four on TV. Marvel’s first family is a house of strong characters in terms of both heroes and villains. A new Fantastic Four show is the best way for Marvel to show Fox who is the boss. A more source material friendly style of storytelling can follow Hickman’s brilliant run on the family before he started working on Secret Wars.


Adventures of Superman & Wonder Woman – its canon, Clark and Diana are a couple in DC universe, so why wait? We have an amazing opportunity to tell adventures of this power couple while introducing their friends in every episode. Just like Batman: Brave and the Bold we will get a cool show loyal to DC’s new 52 run.


Wolverine – Remember Wolverine and the X-Men and how it was canceled just after a season. It was the best thing to exist on TV in those days and it went off for no reason. Why I want a Wolverine animated show, is because he is one of the most well-known characters in X Universe. A Wolverine animated show will tell us his origin story while introducing his life as an X Man. We will get a chance to meet his friends and enemies, most importantly Deadpool, Taskmaster, Omega Red and The Hulk.


New Avengers – One of the best episodes on Avengers: EMH was the one that told us the origin story of New Avengers team. What if Marvel could plan a spin off series about the team. Who wouldn’t love to hear banters between Wolverine and Spider-Man?

Apart from these shows there are two shows that were canceled the moment it started to go interesting. If there is some way to revive them then I’ll be the happiest man on this planet.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – I am still waiting for Season 3 and 4 of this series. The Galactus finale was too rushed and was without purpose. After Secret Invasion they could have gone on the Civil War route while slowly foreshadowing the coming of Thanos, followed by a grand finale where Galactus comes to satisfy his hunger. Come on Marvel you can do this.


Young Justice – There are still question left unanswered. I am still waiting for the big bad to show up. I still need to know what the big plan was. Is that too much to ask? I guess not.


I know my hopes are high but a fanboy can only wish. Who knew that one day you’ll be watching Batman and Superman fighting on screen. It could have been just a dream a few years back.

Seeding Future’s End in New 52


The Legion of Super-Heroes #23 finales seems a bit important for things to come in the DC Comics New 52.
Below are SPOILERS from August 2013′s LOSH #23 and year one and year two issues of Legion Lost, #10 and its finale in #16.
You probably already know the Legion of Super-Heroes was cancelled and the speculation about what some panels from its conclusion could signify or even undo.
The book sees the Legion of Super-Heroes asked (ordered?) to disband.

At this point we can speculate that it could be a multiverse crisis similar to the Crisis series from pre-New 52. As you can see that there are 4 Mr. Terrific being display in the image from different universes and they might not be all good as Grifter is shooting at one of them. There is also a robin which can be from the past, present, or an entirely different universe. Looks like Lois will play a role in the event. It might be something similar to the one she played during Flash Point. Booster Gold is also in the image and he played a prominent role in the Dc Comic weekly 52 that led to Infinite Crisis . All signs point to a showdown of infinite Earth (Well 52 of them at least). There are other things to point out such as Superman, Hawkman, and the ship in the background but there is not enough information to work off. Sound off in the comments if you spot more hints to Futures End.

[Review] Justice League: War


Justice League: War is not a movie, it is actually a documentary that telling us about things that are wrong with comic books and comic book movies of this era.

The movie takes source from rebooted Justice League: Universe with a new take on young superheroes, where no one takes Batman seriously, Superman behaves like a reckless douche, Wonder Woman speaks and behaves like Thor and Green Lantern is a hipster. We get a totally new (read dark) origin for Cyborg like 90% of characters in DC universe today.

Anyways Batman and Green Lantern arrive Metropolis investigating some alien activity and get into Superman’s path. What follows after is Darkseid opening a portal on Earth exactly the same way he did in Justice League Unlimited’s finale and heroes join forces to fight him.

There’s a lot of violence, Darkseid gets his eyes poked in a long boring battle that with exploding buildings that bring back the horrors of Man of Steel movie.

Justice League: War is not a bad movie but if DC is trying to shape its movie universe based on the same characterization then it will fail miserably because it is not original, we have watched and read the same stuff happen over and over again.


2.5 out of 5