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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition Review


Batman v Superman’s extended edition came out last week and I got a chance to watch the much hated and criticized version of Zack Snyder’s epic failure on the box office. I long time back I told you that why a Justice League movie in bound to fail. I was then called a bully by many. But I guess my predictions were almost true after all.

Batman v Superman is as heartbreaking as my last breakup. You wait for something for two years, as the time goes by, you cannot stop talking about it. Then comes the day when it turns out to be a lousy move and you leave for your home, alone and heartbroken.

So who is to be blamed, for the movie (not for my breakup). After extended edition, it turns out that it was totally Warner bros fault who decided to cut down the movie at important parts. No wonder it turned out to be so badly edited. While a lot of things make sense, most of the things don’t. Lex’s plan and how he obtains the files is still unknown, Batman and Superman’s rivalry and that cringe worthy Martha scene are things leave you baffled in the end.


The best part of Ultimate Edition is that it makes Clark Kent an actual character. The greatest improvement to the film comes from Clark’s expanded story. The biggest problem with theatrical cut was that it shorted Clark Kent/Superman’s real story. The theatrical version didn’t give Clark a whole lot to do while the Ultimate version gives him so much more. Clark has to consider the consequences of his actions throughout the movie and Batman becomes his dark mirror.

There’s a scene prior to the car chase sequence where Clark meets with the wife and son of one of the criminals branded by Batman. All of a sudden the entire sequence and why Superman needed to confront Batman starts making sense. Because of lack of these sequence, the Batman Superman fight scene feels like a random moment in the theatrical cut.

We also get some Superman moments that make him seem a lot less like a cranky and mopey persona and more like a responsible hero. There is a huge sequence after the Capital bombing where we see Superman helping survivors as the carnage of the aftermath unfolds.

The expanded opening gives us flamethrowers scorching bodies which implicates that Superman killed the African warlords. We also get a lot more insight into Lex’s overall scheme and get actual confirmation of every implication about Lex’s responsibility for the bombing of the Capitol. The extra scenes make this plot point feel a little more fleshed out. It’s not perfect, but then things start making sense.

Han Zimmer’s Man of Steel theme does more for the character than the actual performance does. The piano melody is solemn, lonely, but hints at an abundance of hope. Although not the bombastic and powerful ballad given to us by John Williams, it does tease the old theme throughout the soundtrack, and the newer theme is a strong piece that makes up for some of the character’s flaws to create a feeling of greater depth.

Actually, Han Zimmer and Junkie XL did a great job with the soundtrack. With Batman’s Suite we hear hints of Danny Elfman’s take on the character. Some of the music is drowned out in the mix early on in the film, but some songs come through quite powerfully. Namely ‘Is She with You?’ the Wonder Woman Theme, which is an onslaught of heavy war drums and gritty guitar riffs. Well done.

Other tracks are more operatic, perhaps more in line with the great opera Zack Snyder attempted presenting us with. The Lex Luthor theme is whimsical and maniacal all at once, much like the character portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg.

The Ultimate version doesn’t fix everything. If you’re looking for any clarification about the strange dream sequences (aka the ‘Knightmare’), then it still doesn’t make sense. Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is still badly written character. The bit where Superman says ‘Martha’ and they become best friends: still there. Nothing here helps lighten the overall dark and philosophical tone of the film. The editing becomes better, the direction is still bad so you’ll still have to sit through the three hours of bad filmmaking.

In any case, the “Batman v Superman” Ultimate Edition will be a nice thing to have going forward into the DC Extended Universe. It’s not the best possible version of the movie, but it’s better than being saddled with the theatrical cut forever.



Movie Review: Man Of Steel


Man of Steel released last week and while it was one of the most hyped movie of 2013 it didn’t turn out as it was supposed to be. In fact this movie is so dark that it feels that one is watching Batman Beings with new characters.

The movie flows around in a nonlinear storyline. Flashbacks and more flashbacks are enough to make audience confused at times. The supporting cast comprising of talented actors is underutilized and go through no character development at all unlike Alfred, Lucious Fox and James Gordon went through in first Batman movie.

Mostly I’ll blame this on Goyer’s poor scriptwriting and handling the characters. He fails to handle the Supporting cast even after his experience of working with Nolan on Batman trilogy and the way Fox, Godron and Alfred were connected to Batman and Bruce Wayne, Man of Steel’s supporting cast just seems to be thrown around in random just for the sake of it. Clark is 33 when Jor-El suggests him to take mantle of Superman and that’s it, there is no momentum or reason that actually shows why Clark needs to put on that suit.


Apart from this Pa Kent’s character is handled beautifully, he turns out into non-sarcastic, non-humorous version of Alfred, being protective as hell for his son trying to keep him away from the world that he fears won’t accept and might harm him. His relationship with Clark is handled is an amazing way but in process Ma Kent’s character and her relation with Clark is not handled at all.

Certain parts in this movie are way too long and lengthy that could have been shortened, Jor-El’s role is too confusing at times but Russel Crowe does a brilliant Job as Kal-El’s biological father. As per acting everyone shines in their own way. Henry Cavil turns into if not a great then quite good Superman for present day, For Clark Kent’s role we might need to wait till the sequel comes. Michael Shannon is menacing as General Zod and he looks like he was perfect for the role. Amy Adams as Lois Lane is disappointing and rest of the cast is on their best. Kevin Costner is the cocaine of this movie who is can bring out tears.


The action scenes are too awesome, 2nd half of the movie is full of action sequences that give no room for any further story. The fight scenes are breathtaking and fast, few of them as you imagined while reading your favorite comic books. Although the CGI is not so perfect but you can ignore parts where actors are replaced by CG ones.


Man of Steel even after being too dark is nowhere close to Snyder’s best works like Watchmen and 300 and not at all close to Dark Knight trilogy movies. While overall I loved this movie but it didn’t feel like a true Superman movie. There are plotholes in this one too but every movie has them. We all know what is his weakness, who is his love interest and a lot of scenes could have been shortened or edited. Zak Snyder’s hardwork shows and I hope that he gets all the credits for this movie and not like all credit goes to Mr. Nolan himself.

Overall this movie is a good time entertainer but not something like The Dark Knight or Avengers that someone will like to watch it again and again.

Final Rating 3 out of 5

Superman: The Unknown Facts



Comic creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first drew him as a villain in a January 1933 story called “The Reign of the Super-Man,” which appeared in an issue of their comic fanzine Science Fiction. It bombed, so they reimagined him as a superhero, if it was successful Superman would have been a powerful DC villain.



Superman’s power isn’t limitless or unstoppable. In most versions of Superman’s origin, the people of Krypton were powerless while walking around their planet, which had a red sun while Earth had a yellow one.a Kryptonian’s cells absorb and convert the solar rays into incredible power. Due to this reason as Clark grew up he became more powerful mostly because Solar energy makes his skin tough but not invincible. While on other planet with no Red Sun he’ll slowly run out of power and on Earth if he fights without rest the power wont be restored on the same rate.



For most of the first timers they find it highly illogical that people cannot recognize Superman when he puts on his glasses. Clark’s disguise isn’t as simple as it looks like when he slicks back his hair and puts on a pair of glasses. Many comics have shown Superman using a lot of tricks to hide his dual identity.

The lenses of his glasses are slightly tinted, changing the shade of his eyes.

His control over his muscles that allows him to shake hands with Normal people and fight super-powered villains, he actually changes his voice as Clark Kent and thanks to learning acting techniques he is able to come up with a different body language as Clark Kent.



Although there are lot of explanations over time about S symbol on Superman’s Chest. Early explanations simply say that it was a monogram designed by Clark and his adopted parents.

In first Superman movie it was explained that S is actually a Kryptonian glyph that was used to represent House of El that was followed by TV and Animated versions too and later in 2003 this explanation was adapted by comic books. In Superman:Birthright Mark Waid changed this explanation telling that this was an ancient Kryptonian symbol the means Hope that later makes Lois call him Superman. This is the explanation that is now adapted in Zak Snyder’s upcoming movie.




The first appearance of Superman simply described that he was incredibly strong, could withstand anything less than a bursting shell from a tank, and was able to leap 1/8th of a mile. His first ability to fly was shown in Radio series and original cartoons. Then in 1941 comic books added flight to his superpowers. With time he got a lot of new powers and some where taken away. His modern day powers includes heat-vision, incredible strength/stamina, enhanced senses, X-Ray vision, arctic breath, super-speed, increased healing, near-complete body/muscle control, and a skin-tight force-field that makes him invulnerable to most forms of harm.




You don’t believe me right? How can the most recognizable icons in the world be copied from someone else and no one knows that. Superman is the first Superhero but he is not the first character with same superpowers.

Gladiator a Pulp novel written by Philip Wylie’s in 1930, starring Hugo Danner, tells story of a man whose father invents a secret formula that can create superpowers. He injects this formula in his son. Hugo gains super strength, bullet proof skin and the ability to jump over the tallest building in a single bound. Jumping, not flying, that is slight different but Superman’s early appearance gave him power to jump too.


On a lot of occasions Superman’s superpowered friends who have ability to shape shift have taken Clark Kent’s identity when in time of need.


When in school Clark wanted to hangout with kids of his own ability and he was visited by heroes from 30th century who were inspired by Clark’s story. They used to take him to their time where he had a lot of adventures. This is the reason he has a optimistic view on Human race because he saw what they have achieved after 1000 years.


Superman got married to Lois Lane in 1999 (That doesn’t exist after reboot happened) but before Lois Clark had deep feelings for his best friend Lana Lang who also knew of his secret. As a teen, Clark also had a crush on Saturn Girl, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He seriously dated a girl named Lori Lemaris, who turned out to be a mermaid from Atlantis. During a time travel adventure to Krypton’s past, Superman became involved with Lyla Lerrol, a famous Kryptonian actress. And right now he is with Wonder Woman that everyone is wondering till when it is going to last.


Mini Facts

Superman can be seen somewhere in every episode of the television show, Seinfeld.

The actor, Nicolas Cage, named his son Kal-el, which is Superman’s birth name.

Now since Man of Steel is not so far you can go ahead with this added Superman knowledge in your database and flaunt it around. Hope it was a good read.

Why WORLD’S FINEST Should Be The Next DC Comics Movie


WB and DC’s news updates are always filled with new rumors.The latest one being Justice League movie said that screenwriter JLA script was so terrible that it was scrapped, and the studio wasn’t even sure about moving forward with the project. The idea of hiring a new writer after the disappointing response to Gangster Squad certainly isn’t surprising.Tt’s possible to squeeze in at least one more movie before answering Marvel’s The Avengers would be World’s finest.

Assuming that Man Of Steel is a big hit at the box office, it would be best movie to lead into Justice League., It has been said repeatedly that the studio hopes that the Henry Cavill-starrer will launch a new franchise. World’s Finest can easily continue Superman’s story without the weight of multiple other superheroes’, and it can also be used to introduce the new Batman also World’s Finest would expand its universe further into a wider DC world.


A Batman/Superman team-up would also be a safe venture for Warner Bros., as they haven’t had much success with DC Comics adaptations beyond these two characters is not letting them make more, having the world’s two most iconic comic book characters in the same movie could be a massive box office smash.

In conclusion, World’s Finest would arguably be the most ideal bridge between Man Of Steel and Justice League. Not only could it serve as a direct follow-up to the former, it can also further ground a wider DC Universe and do a much better job at building up to the latter. Plus, if MOS builds up a lot of hype, WB surely wouldn’t want it to have potentially died out by 2016/2017 (or whenever JL releases). Enter World’s Finest.

Why Man of Steel Could Be One of the Best Superhero Movies of All Time

Superman is for sure the greatest superhero ever so in the age of Comic Book Movies dominating the box office Man of Steel needs to prove that and here is why Man of Steel will be one of the best superhero movies ever.


Henry Cavill As Superman


A lot criticism was carried on about Zack Snyder casting a British actor as the very all American character of Superman. But with time it turned out that Cavill was born to play Superman. Concerns American accent and all doesn’t matter to me. He has dedicated him self to the role working out tirelessly, and it really shows when he puts on the suit.

Bow to Zod

Another reason why Man of Steel will be successful is because of the villain, Zod. Last time we saw Zod on the big screen was in 1980’s Superman 2. Zod is a great villain because he has the same powers as Superman. Anything Superman can do Zod can plus Zod has more experience in the battlefield. It will be interesting to see a conflict where Superman will have to use his brains over powers.

Superman will ‘kick ass’ in this film.


As critically acclaimed the first two Superman films are, however they are light on action. same is problem with Superman Returns. However, Snyder has expressed interest in showing Superman’s true power, and confirms that he will indeed ‘kick some ass’. From trailers only it sounds interesting.

The Supporting Cast


Snyder has managed to assemble a perfect set of supporting cast members for the almost other wise unknown Cavill. From Russell Crowe to Amy Adams there is no lack of talent in the movie. We were shown just how good Crowe, Clark’s biological father Jor-El, and Kevin Costner, his adoptive father Jonathan Kent, are going to be when the first trailer was released. When the second trailer was released we got to see how sweet and loving Diane Lane will be as his adoptive mother Martha. And while we haven’t really got to see much of Adams as Lois Lane I have high hopes for her. This makes the movie worth speculating.

Open up possibilities for future villains to finally make the big screen.

we’d all love to see other well-known villains of Superman hit the big screen (Brainiac, Darkseid, Doomsday, etc). Also, considering the interest in putting out a film adaptation of ‘The Death Of Superman’ (one of which, Superman Lives, was very close to pre-production and even had a teaser poster when it was canceled), I can see Warner Bros. wanting to bring Doomsday in a sequel (especially after the success of the Superman: Doomsday animated film released back in 2007), and the story would be an incredible live action film.

REVIEW: Superman VS The Elite

It’s not easy being a fan of Superman sometimes. his logo is one of, if not the most, recognizable icons on the planet and the character name of Superman is synonymous with human perfection. But in today’s culture Superman himself is scoffed at by most, and the average person tends to perceive him as boring and one-dimensional. They’ll argue that he’s not as complex and cool as Batman, or as flawed and violent as the X-Men, or as witty and hip as Spider-man. I myself have struggled at times to truly articulate the answer when asked why I like Superman by people that were not trying to insult me, but were genuinely curious about why I would have such a fascination with what seems like an icon of a bygone era.

DC Animation’s Superman vs. The Elite embodies that question while also showcasing much of the answer to the relevancy of Superman, bringing to vivid life one of the best Superman character-pieces to be found in any animated or live-action form.

This movie came out on June 12, 2012, and is a movie that was based off of the Comics, “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?”, this animated adaptation was done by Joe Kelly, one of the creators of Ben 10 who has also worked on many many more Comics, this specific title is ‘Superman VS The Elite’, does it stand up to it’s Comic counterpart?

The old school animation was not top notch and most of the characters looks broad chested beasts. The voice you’ll know and love immediately is the voice of George Newbern who voiced Superman in Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited so it feels more like one of our favourite old DCAU shows than it does some stand-alone movie which many of the movies as of late featuring or revolving around Superman have felt like simply because they had different people voicing ‘ole Supes. Something worth watching in this film is the relationship dynamic between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. She knows his secret and is handling it well.

Like it’s Comic counterpart this movie brings to the table Manchester Black and his Super powered team consisting of Nathan Jones AKA Coldcast, Pam AKA Menagerie, and The Hat. Being anti-heroes ,The Elite are a group of super-powered individuals who have no principals and  feel no remorse in killing bad guys which even results in death of a Major character in the movie, The Atomic Skull and through he and various other happenings a great deal of people die in this movie fairly graphically and abruptly.. For a Superman movie this was a bit of a shocker to me.. Its kind of new for an animated movie but it made watching it more interesting and enthralling.


This is a movie that takes from it’s source-material and in rare form actually improves upon it, this is an enthralling movie from start to finish that holds your attention and in true form of the DC Animated Movies that have been released lately, this is reaaaally fucking good..

Plus as a bit of a spoiler you’ve got to kind of love any movie that has Superman seemingly flipping his goddamned shit, going completely butt-fucking horrifyingly insane, and proceeding to beat the tar out of people mercilessly and THEN after all of that going to the trouble of keeping his Pimp-hand strong by smacking a bitch.

It’s also fun to see a movie where someone actually causes considerable injury to Superman. Far too often that we see a movie or series in which the worse Superman ever gets is some dirt and scratches, no.. In this one we’ve got full-on blood, cuts, a busted eye, and more.

My Rating 4.7 out of 5

Why a Justice League movie is destined to fail

Let’s compare the number of films Marvel has released in last year vs the number of films DC has released in last year? Is obvious that you can remember way more modern films based on Marvel comics than on DC. Marvel tried and they failed many times with a lot of their superheroes but they keep releasing films and finally manage to craft their art with this new wave of Marvel hero films starting with Iron Man (2008).

These new films that Marvel has released (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk)  are actually good, decent films. I mean the characters are well-developed and also they are incredibly well adapted to the big screen, the films are entertaining and you can really relate to these heroes

And what about DC? well… Nolan’s overhyped Dark Knight Trilogy was enough to battle all these Marvel superheroes films alone, but now its over, The Man of Steel is the next in line, but , Superman can’t battle alone The Avengers as Batman did. Batman is gone now, Superman alone and DC is pretty much screwed.

But now let’s think this trough Ok? After all those films that Marvel has release, hero film after hero film for this last decade. I’m afraid that there’s no room for DC heroes anymore and from now on DC heroes are pretty screwed on screen.

And these are my reasons why DC heroes are destined to fail in film from now on:

1) Marvel already owns the superhero film genre which is something that they have been exploiting for the last ten years that I’m afraid that real soon people will start to get a little bit tired of superhero films, specially films that introduce a new hero right from the beginning; so right now is a little too late to start releasing films about all the super heroes that you have.

2) And most importantly. With the exception of Batman, DC heroes do not work as well in the big screen as Marvel heroes, and this is the reason why: DC heroes are not as relatable to the audience as Marvel heroes are. Contrary to DC heroes, Marvel heroes are charismatic but the most important thing about them is that, it’s really easy to relate to them (Spider Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, even villains like Magneto) everybody can relate with at least one of them in some kind of way.  Almost any teenager can relate to Spider-Man specially nerdy boys, I’m sure that you know someone who behaves like Tony Stark and really relates to him. Anyone who considers himself as a social recluse can relate to any of the X-Men or to Hulk. And this happens because Marvel heroes are imperfect, that’s what makes them relatable and that’s what audiences want.

DC heroes on the other hand, they’re not really that relatable and some of them are just too perfect that you can even consider them they are considered as gods in their universe, Hardly anyone can relate to Superman or Green Latern or Aquaman or Martian Manhunter. But my point is that those heroes just don’t have that same effect and they will not be that interesting in the big screen to watch. And that’s why I think that in an enviroment where Marvel’s imperfect and charismatic heroes rule, there’s no room for DC superheroes and they are basically destined to fail.

And the reasons behind it are


I can see the plot of Justice League playing out in one of two ways. The first, and most probable, is that WB will stick to a safe formula instead of innovation. The film will focus on Batman and Superman and… not much else. Batman and Superman are DC’s most well known and loved characters, so they will put them at the forefront of the film and push everybody else to the side. Sure, Flash may have a badass moment or two, and Green Lantern’s comments will be funny, but other than that, they will be cardboard cutouts there only to enhance to scale of the film. The bulk of the character development will focus on Superman and Batman’s differing views of how to lead the team, attack the enemy, the importance of Earth, self sacrifice, ect, ect, ect. The rest of the crew (save maybe Wonder Woman becoming a romantic interest) will have almost no sway in the events that are going on and will only be there to increase the CGI fireworks show at the end. Which begs the question: Wouldn’t a Superman/Batman team-up be a much better option at this point? At least until they get the universe up and running properly.

Option B is that they try to include everything. Every character’s background (in some way or another), their personal development, the villain’s development, their team relationship, the people they care for, and more. And this will obviously be a disaster. To pull this off, they’d need a genius/madman to write it and a time window of 4-5 hours. It just can’t be done.


When Marvel decided to commit to its vision of an onscreen shared universe, they knew there would be no stopping that train. And yet, they went full steam ahead setting the first major plot points in Iron Man 2, even with their two riskiest films (Thor and Cap) on the horizon. If any of these movies flopped, the universe could come crumbling down. But they stuck by their guns. Hell, when Joss and pals first started filming Avengers, Captain America’s first movie wasn’t even released yet and here he was competing for the most screen time of all the characters. The point is: Marvel took a gamble and stuck by it, and all their hard work paid off big time.

The folks over at Warner don’t seem so confident in themselves. They hope to recreate the success of The Avengers without putting in any on the risks or work. One of the reasons we haven’t gotten any major news about the film is because they’re waiting to see how Man of Steel plays out. They want to know how interested people are with Superman so they can decide how much of the film he should take up. The hesitation about the fate of Green Lantern (To retcon, or not to retcon…) proves this fact more. One of the reasons they’re holding off on the solo movies is to see who people like more in JLA. Warner Brothers can’t just change the plays as they happen and hope for the best, they need to construct a plan with a solid base and buildup and then stick to it. Otherwise the universe becomes a jumbled mess of retconed events and dead plot threads.

5. Lack of foundation

If marijuana is a gateway drug, then Marvel Studios must have been higher than Tony Stark after he first tested the altitude limits of the Iron Man suit off the response of the film. Iron Man earned a 94% Rotten Tomatoes score – identical to that of The Dark Knight – and also went on to earn over $585 million worldwide. Iron Man’s success proved that Marvel Studios could flourish with characters not named Peter Parker, and laid the groundwork for the films that would ultimately comprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That universe was the foundation that would generate the audience buy-in that was necessary for The Avengers to be the box office behemoth that it was.

By comparison, a Justice League of America film would have no such foundation. Assuming the screenplay for the film includes the original seven members of the Justice League, only three members have had recent films: Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern. Unfortunately, none of those films are likely to factor in a JLA movie at all. Superman last appeared on screens in 2006′s Superman Returns. Although it was financially successful, Warner Bros. did not feel it warranted an investment in a sequel with President of Production Jeff Robinov stating in 2008, “Superman Returns didn’t quite work as a film in the way we wanted it to.” Being that Batman retired at the end of The Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of Batman will not be part of a JLA film either. Finally, Green Lantern was such a critical and commercial flop that Warner Bros. will probably cut ties with Ryan Reynolds’ take on Hal Jordan also.

4. No Star Power

With no audience familiarity with the characters as they would appear in a JLA film or the actors who portray them, audience buy-in becomes extremely difficult and will rely heavily on marketing. This lack of any real star power makes marketing the film difficult

3. Who is the Leader

Superman is clearly the leader of the Justice League, but for marketing purposes that may not work. Unless Henry Cavill can do what Robert Downey, Jr. did with his take on Iron Man, Warner Bros. will need an actor with whom they can market the film. The director of the Justice League film will have immense pressure to wisely cast the League member roles. Since there will be no test solo runs like there were for Eric Bana and Edward Norton who were ultimately replaced in The Avengers, the casting will be a one shot attempt. The results of miscasting have been seen in flops like Fantastic Four and Green Lantern. If the marketing department ultimately determines that having Cavill as the face of the film won’t work,  the next logical character to use to sell the film will be Batman which is practically impossible to find an actor who could be hyped and prepared to step into Batman’s shoes

2. The Batman Dilemma

The issue with finding an actor to portray Batman is only the start of the problems. As the Joker told Batman himself: “You’ve changed things, forever. There’s no going back.” The Dark Knight Trilogy pushed the Batman character ahead light years from where Joel Schumacher had him. There is no denying that any future take on Batman will be inferior to Nolan’s vision. Batman’s role in the Justice League is pivotal, and so he cannot be written out or minimized in the script. Because a recent take on the Caped Crusader was so groundbreaking, even a decent take on the character in a Justice League film may leave fans underwhelmed.


Other than next year’s Man of Steel, WB/DC will have no solo movies to introduce the characters and lead into the JL movie. This raises two major problems right off the bat. The first is that we will have no previous introduction to any character in this version of the DCU other than Superman. While some, like Batman, have had enough time in the spotlight for the general public to know the character; the likes of Wonder Woman and The Flash have never been in any movie to date. And while The Flash’s back-story could be lazily explained in exposition, (“I got struck by lightning, I have superpowers.”) A character like Wonder Woman can’t strive off her name alone and needs a proper, and carefully handled, introduction; as opposed to: “Hey, I’m Wonder Woman. By the way, the Greek gods exist, Zeus is my father, I come from an ancient island of warrior women that have developed super strength over time and my whip is magic! What’s your story, Batman?” The same applies to Aquaman, and his Atlantian history, if WB chooses to bring him in.

So I don’t know what the hell is DC going to do now, a rushed Justice League film is destined to fail and we all know that.

There’s only one thing that I know DC could do, to completely kick Marvel in the balls and reinvent the whole comic book film genre forever. I will summarize this in just one word … Vertigo…