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Iron Man 3 spoiler free review



“Nothing’s been the same since New York” these lines are enough to describe present situation of superhero movies. Avengers created a bar so high that almost became impossible to touch in future thus raising standards of Superhero movie universe.

This movie for first time in Marvel franchise open with a narration that fades into Marvel logo giving an idea about Shane Black’s style. It soon cuts into a quick flashback and how Tony’s past is back to haunt him again. The battle of New York have changed him here is a new Tony who is trying to be more humble and still suffering with PTSD.

Iron Man 3 gets Tony out of suit looks for the question asked by Captain America “Big man in suit of armor, take that away what are you?’ And brings him face to face with the demons he created in the past. The man who is going through events of Avengers and now living in a world where he is friends with a Green Goliath and a Thunder God and is in constant fear of protect things he loves the most.


Robert Downey Jr. gave top class performance as usual, but this is the first time I have taken Tony Stark seriously. Robert Downey Jr nails every joke, delivers some killer quotes and one liners, as usual Downey was perfect. Now onto the villains, Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, let me just say that the whole “twist” thing wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and Mr. Kingsley nailed it. Guy Pearce this awesome dude was my cocaine, a person exactly opposite to Tony Stark. A person who wants to make things and another one just wants to kill and destroy.He was awesome and he creeped me out twice with that ever smiling face. Guy Pearce nails the humor and has fantastic chemistry with both Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr.


Another great performance was that of Don Cheadle, this movie takes his character in depth. He is proves himself as an action hero weather he was in or outside the suit. He was funny and stayed badass at same time, it would be cool if Iron Man franchise gets into War Machine spinoffs soon. The female starcast of the movie, both Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts and Rebecca Hall as Maya we top notch, being strong, sexy and smart women on screen. Last but not the least little not to forget little Ty Simpkins he takes the buddy cop genre to another level. He shared an awesome chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. and won’t be a surprise if after this his Hollywood career gets high.

Shane Black gives an awesome dark yet entertaining Superhero movie and guess WB and DC will be taking notes on how to make a Superhero movie from Mr. Black. His dark humor and moments that give a touch of silver age style funny moments are of top notch. Little references thrown here and there makes to movie worth watching. One this that always bothered me with Phase 1 movies was that there was no actual death but here not only people die but for the first time Iron Man kills someone in the most brutal way possible.

The soundtrack of this movie is very different from phase 1 movies. This is more serious and dark and suits the tone of the movie. Although there was no AC/DC this time but that can be ignored.

Iron Man 3 not only touched the bar created by Avengers but ripped it into pieces making a new mark for Phase 2 movies. The movie ends with even if you take Tony out of suit, you cannot take what he is. He is Iron Man.Robert Downey Jr. was born for this role and if this one is his last movie then it will be heartbreaking . It also provided a perfect epilogue for Avengers and perfect ending for a trilogy. Let’s see if Thor 2 is on the same mark.


Final rating 5 out of 5.


Iron Man 3: A guide to Tony Stark’s new armors

You all be wondering how many and what armors Stark will be using in Iron Man 3 and why so many armors all of a sudden. The Armor collection skips from Mark 8 in Avengers to Mark 47. FYI every armor has a special quality that makes it different with unique powers so here is a glimpse to various suits of Tony Stark and what they can do.



In the first two Iron Man films and Avengers, Tony Stark went through armors Mark I-VII but in ‘Iron Man 3’Image he’ll be using Mark 47 (XLVII). The Mark XLVII armor is tied directly in with the Extremis nanotechnology and allows Tony Stark to control it with his mind. The suit is able to fly in separate pieces and wrap itself around Tony as needed. It also allows Tony to remotely control the suit, even when he’s not wearing it.


Deep Space Armor


In the ‘Iron Man’ comics, Stark created his first “Deep Space” suit in the 80s, which included booster jets, a compression gel to protect against G-force and an expanding solar sail to assist with re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. ‘Iron Man 3’ will reportedly include a scene where Iron Man travels into space with this new Deep Space armor, a sequence that would lead directly into the cosmic nature of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’

Hulkbuster (Codename: Igor/ Brute)

The Hulkbuster is actually an exo-module the wraps on top of the existing armor. Tony Stark used to first to originally battle Crimson Dynamo but battle with Hulk made it famous as Hulkbuster armor. It has a capacity to lift over 175 tons and survive the Hulk’s attacks, the exo-module takes the impact and not affect the main armor directly. The unibeam and repulsers are upgraded and made to cause bigger damage.



While not much idea about this one all we can say is that it looks heavily reinforced with a much larger chest piece.






Ghost Armor


The Ghost Armor is known as Mark XXVII in the comics and it is made of advance composite ceramic fused with a Kevlar like substance. It features upgrades that help Tony to mix and blend with the surroundings giving an advantage over enemy  This armor is included in movie toy line so we can hope that it appears in the movie


Stealth Armor


The Iron Man Stealth Armor first appeared in 1981 and was designed very much like the classic Stealth Bomber. Tony Stark created the Stealth Armor because of being easily tracked. While originally designed with only evasion components it was lated upgraded with weapons and plastic/ceramic shell that would protect him against Magneto. Stealth Armor is present in Iron Man 3 poster if you can take a zoom. It is a derivation of the MARK VI armor, with built-in stealth capabilities, which allow him to infiltrate the TEN RINGS’ hideouts unnoticed.

Hydro Armor

The Hydro Armor was created for Deep sea missions, rumors suggest that Tony uses this suit in ‘Iron Man 3’ to search for evidence at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after his Malibu home is destroyed by Mandarin. This suit looks relatively little like the one in the comics, which looked more like a deep sea diving suit, complete with glass helmet on top. The comic version of the suit included some underwater themed weapons including the ability to charge like an electric eel and shoot ink like a squid.


Hypervelocity Autonomous Personnel Protector


This armor, known affectionately as H.A.P.P.Y. is difficult to get into without divulging some larger ‘Iron Man 3’ spoilers and plot points. But it includes some new and improved A.I. that assists Iron Man in battle.

This Armor like the H.A.P.P.Y. suit comes with a new A.I., this time modeled after Pepper Potts and modeled with firefighting skills
Other rumored Armors
While experimenting with various forms of armor formation, TONY STARK designs this armor with the concept of retractable layers. It allows this armor to fold into a more compact form, making it more portable than the MARK V armor. This one resembles the classic/Spandex Armor, v.01 has the horned face, v.02 has the rounded face with a different color palette
Stark created this while attempting to create a new form of malleable liquid metal that could be configured into other shapes, It looks like the comic SKIN Armor but has huge shoulders.
Stark come up with this armor design after stealing blueprints from SHIELD hellicareer. Based on mecha version of Destroyer it is still an incomplete prototype.
Unable to deal with FIREPOWER’s fiery attacks, TONY STARK designs the PARTICLE RADIATION CANNON to absorb and channel Taggert’s heat against him. It comes with a huge cannon attached to the chest is based on bleeding edge technology.

• Having his armor badly damaged in his battle with the MANDARIN, TONY STARK modifies and upgrades his HEART BREAKER ARMOR into its second version. Equipped with more ARC REACTORS to increase its output and offensive capability, this is the ULTIMATE IRON MAN.
• More cohesive version of the Heart Breaker armor. Color palette based off the initial Ultimate Iron Man armor.

This one is created by perfecting the extermis technology where Armor becomes part of Tony’s body. It is the Hybrid of Bleeding Edge and Extremis Tech.

After all the EXTREMIS technology is disabled by Dr Hansen, TONY STARK is left unable to tap on his newer EXTREMIS-based suits for battle. Having no other options, STARK uses his original armor to battle Mandarin. This brings him to square one, where the movie started

“Iron Man 3″ new suits


Marvel has been released a lot of Iron Man suits that Stark is going to need or use in “Iron Man 3″. Here’s a look at some of them unveiled so far


I am so much excited for this movie!! II guess there are around 45 suits, which he will have to use to kick some major butt. Movie comes out on 27th April 2013.