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Movie Review – Justice League Dark

DC animated movies have evolved themselves to a level where they keep setting benchmarks for live action movies. Previously, Batman: Attack on Arkham, created this benchmark that raised hopes for a live action Suicide Squad movie. Sadly, when the same was adapted in live action, it failed miserably.


Setting a new benchmark in filmmaking, DC animated universe has come up with Justice League Dark.

DC has been trying to come up with a Justice League Dark’s live action adaptation since 2014. Earlier, Guillermo Del Toro was attached to the project. It didn’t get past writing room because executives at Warner Bros were unsure about how the film will perform. YES, THE SAME WARNER BROS WHO GREEN SIGNALED BATMAN v SUPERMAN.

Justice League Dark is the first outing for DC’s supernatural heroes and antiheroes. Consisting of John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Etrigan, alongside Batman as the ‘outsider’, the team faces an ancient evil threatening to destroy both life and afterlife alike.


Matt Ryan absolutely steals the show in his return as John Constantine. John is every bit the loveable bastard we’ve grown to love from the show, and his lines are sharp as ever. Jason O’Mara provides the straight man to the rest of the craziness as Batman, Camilla Luddington brings a balance to the team as backwards-talking magician Zatanna, Nicholas Turturro is annoyingly yet endearingly chipper Deadman, Ray Chase plays both man and rhyming demon Jason Blood and Etrigan, and Roger Cross rounds up the main cast as the protector of the Green, Swamp Thing. Jeremy Davies also makes a return as John’s friend Ritchie Simpson, and Alfred Molina is Destiny, the main villain of the piece.

Justice League Dark brings out its characters in a very strong way. While, most of the main cast connects extremely well off of each other, somehow it becomes evident that Batman is shoved in the movie just for marketing purposes. In my opinion, the movie could have worked without his presence. John Constantine is easily the best part about this movie, which is exactly what most of us came here for. If this is the direction for John we’re going for in the CW Seed series, then this is going to be fun.


This movie was directed by Jay Oliva, a DC animation regular. And since this is an animated movie… how is the animation? It’s actually really good, I mean… for a DC animated direct-to-video budget. But while the animation isn’t the most detailed, it flows very well and looks really good, especially in the action scenes.

Justice League Dark serves as a solid introduction for DC’s supernatural team. If made properly in live action, it can be DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The animation team and the voice cast have done a great job, while the length of the movie at 1hr 15mins was just perfect.

Final Rating – 4 out of 5

Review – Batman: The Killing Joke


The Killing Joke is one of the most popular Batman graphic novel that is even playing a huge role in shaping DC’s mythology till date. When it was announced that this classic tale will be adapted in a animated movie there are no reason for comic book fans to get excited. This 28 year old graphic novel has been one of the finest works of Alan Moore.

Batman: The Killing Joke, centers around Joker and his dark psyche that makes him one of the most popular villains in comic book history, The movie dwells deep into The Joker’s life (Played by Mark Hamill). We meet him as a struggling comedian, to his encounter with Batman (Kevin Conroy) that changes their lives forever. The Joker escapes from The Arkham and now wants to prove that one bad day can make anyone as crazy as him.

Bruce Timm uses killing joke as a foundation of the DC Animated Universe created by him in the 90s. He explores the mythology of Batman Beyond and how Nightwing finds out that Bruce slept with Barbara Gordon. Honestly, I felt that the 30 minutes of backstory does no justice to Batgirl. She could have come out as a strong character, but instead we meet a reckless teenager.

Apart from this backstory, this movie gives you no reason to complain. The moment Joker comes on screen you know that this is where shit is going to get serious. The movie does justice to the Joker’s character and Mark Hamill proves why he is and will always be the voice of The Joker. So many segments of this film had made me feel Goosebumps: Barbara being paralysed, the emotional and sympathetic flashback segments, and the final, immortal panels of the comic brought alive by director Sam Liu,. Also full credits to the voices Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, no one could have done a better job. Trust me when I say that these moments make Batman: The Killing Joke worth watching. Mark Hamill simply outshines Heath Leadger’s joker, because he is so brilliant.

There are a couple of moments that could have been a lot better. Barbara waking up in hospital could have been a lot emotional but she sounded like as if someone reading a book.

Batman: The Killing Joke is awesome if you forget the first half of the film. If not then I hope that it doesn’t repeat again with any other character in future.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

REVIEW: Superman VS The Elite

It’s not easy being a fan of Superman sometimes. his logo is one of, if not the most, recognizable icons on the planet and the character name of Superman is synonymous with human perfection. But in today’s culture Superman himself is scoffed at by most, and the average person tends to perceive him as boring and one-dimensional. They’ll argue that he’s not as complex and cool as Batman, or as flawed and violent as the X-Men, or as witty and hip as Spider-man. I myself have struggled at times to truly articulate the answer when asked why I like Superman by people that were not trying to insult me, but were genuinely curious about why I would have such a fascination with what seems like an icon of a bygone era.

DC Animation’s Superman vs. The Elite embodies that question while also showcasing much of the answer to the relevancy of Superman, bringing to vivid life one of the best Superman character-pieces to be found in any animated or live-action form.

This movie came out on June 12, 2012, and is a movie that was based off of the Comics, “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?”, this animated adaptation was done by Joe Kelly, one of the creators of Ben 10 who has also worked on many many more Comics, this specific title is ‘Superman VS The Elite’, does it stand up to it’s Comic counterpart?

The old school animation was not top notch and most of the characters looks broad chested beasts. The voice you’ll know and love immediately is the voice of George Newbern who voiced Superman in Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited so it feels more like one of our favourite old DCAU shows than it does some stand-alone movie which many of the movies as of late featuring or revolving around Superman have felt like simply because they had different people voicing ‘ole Supes. Something worth watching in this film is the relationship dynamic between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. She knows his secret and is handling it well.

Like it’s Comic counterpart this movie brings to the table Manchester Black and his Super powered team consisting of Nathan Jones AKA Coldcast, Pam AKA Menagerie, and The Hat. Being anti-heroes ,The Elite are a group of super-powered individuals who have no principals and  feel no remorse in killing bad guys which even results in death of a Major character in the movie, The Atomic Skull and through he and various other happenings a great deal of people die in this movie fairly graphically and abruptly.. For a Superman movie this was a bit of a shocker to me.. Its kind of new for an animated movie but it made watching it more interesting and enthralling.


This is a movie that takes from it’s source-material and in rare form actually improves upon it, this is an enthralling movie from start to finish that holds your attention and in true form of the DC Animated Movies that have been released lately, this is reaaaally fucking good..

Plus as a bit of a spoiler you’ve got to kind of love any movie that has Superman seemingly flipping his goddamned shit, going completely butt-fucking horrifyingly insane, and proceeding to beat the tar out of people mercilessly and THEN after all of that going to the trouble of keeping his Pimp-hand strong by smacking a bitch.

It’s also fun to see a movie where someone actually causes considerable injury to Superman. Far too often that we see a movie or series in which the worse Superman ever gets is some dirt and scratches, no.. In this one we’ve got full-on blood, cuts, a busted eye, and more.

My Rating 4.7 out of 5