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Thor: The Dark World movie review


Thor: The Dark World’s plot revolves around 9 realms, convergence and Aether for an average moviegoer it hardly makes any sense unless they are also a science nerd. What matters is Thor is back on big screen with hair silkier than before and still no helmet.

Thor: The Dark World’s prologue begins with a prologue that reminds of Lord of the Rings. Good guys fighting bad guys over a powerful object that if in wrong hands will destroy the world. Bad guys who seem no longer exist and everyone is living peacefully until something happens that brings the powerful bad guy back, Voldemort anyone?

Movie begins with Loki cuffed and is presented before Odin who sends him to Dungeons, while he is locked away we finally get to see Jane Foster whose whereabouts in Avengers were still not revealed. Natlie Portman didn’t want to return for the sequel and she showed this by acting as less as possible. Apparently she was angry over Marvel hiring Game of Thrones director for the sequel and while he had perfect opportunity to kill her he did not. This would have made the movie a bit more interesting, an angry Thor raged over his beloved death would have been much better to watch.


Jane Foster’s one dimensional character is outshined by Kat Dennings’s character Darcy Lewis who is funny, a bit irritating and sarcastic. Brings death to her character and proves that she is a better actor than Natlie Portman. She is better in every scene she is and this time a new addition Ian the Intern turns out the new irritating addition to the cast as well.



In The Dark World, director Alan Taylor fully embraces the fantasy elements of Asgardian lore, skillfully deploying them to play against the Earthbound segments and playing up the difference for comic relief. Taylor knows this territory very well. His fellowship on the set of HBO’s Game of Thrones does not go unnoticed here. He brings the epic reach of that fantasy series to the otherworldly parts of this film only with a much bigger budget for painting on a much larger canvas. Thor contains some of the most gorgeously rendered images in the Marvel cinematic films to date, from the majesty of Thor’s home in Asgard to a sparkling starlit funeral over Asgardian waterfalls, both melancholy and magnificent. Then to the bleak and storm-swept landscapes of Svartalfheim, home to a race of Dark Elves.


Tom Hiddleston steals the show with his infectious charm. You can see that the grin he wears for most of the film is part out of the mischievous nature of the character, and partly from the actor’s enjoyment in playing the role. He really revels in every line, not only keeping you guessing as to Loki’s loyalties, but also providing some of the movie’s truly hilarious moments.

Most of the movie takes place in Asgard unlike the first film. The confusing part was that there was no reference to how the magic rainbow bridge that was broken in the first movie has been repaired. The action scenes are good, the final battle across London and  various other realms is inventive.It just dodges the Man of Steel, two really strong people throwing each other about. The attack on Asgard and the prison is good, and Idris Elba still manages to look bad ass in gold armor and coloured contacts. There was a couple of good cameos and a stinger you didn’t have to sit through all the credits for.

This sounds too much like a negative review that it is not, I liked the movie. It was very close to the source material unlike Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. The main villain was underused for the talent he is, Marvel needs to have a villain whose name is not Loki.

Rating 4/5


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review

Johnny Blaze, still struggling with the curse of being the Ghost Rider, is hiding out in a remote part of Eastern Europe when a secret sect of the church asks him to save a boy from the devil. At first Johnny is reluctant to use his power, but it’s the only way to save the boy and possibly rid himself of this curse forever.

Lets start with a general perception about Hollywood movie buffs in India.Majority of people beleive if its Hollywood then its good. If its a superhero then it is much better. Movies based on comic books don’t need much acting and emotions (clearly they haven’t seen Dark Knight and Captain America) and know these characters as much it is written in Wikipedia.

So I am here to review Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengence.I wanted to like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance like so much. The trailers and TV spots were so refreshing and action packed and despite the fact that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor aren’t the best filmmakers out there, a watchable action flick could have been expected from them but not. In fact, the directing duo can count themselves in the list of worst Comic Book Movie filmmakers and enjoy. Simply put, the film is a mess, and while it at least delivers on some of the promise of what we’ve so far seen, the sequel or sequel boot ends up being nearly as bad as Ghost Rider’s movie released in 2007. It has its moments, but they are few and far between.

Ghost Rider transform

The script is horible. There is nothing like a real plot, and it is incredibly weak and predictable. The dialogues are so bad that you’ll find yourself laughing at wrong moments, while the characters are as paper thin as the pages from the comic books that the movie claims to based upon. Spirit of Vengeanceis a a sequel and a reboot, but it will leave anyone who hasn’t read a comic book or watched the first part badly confused and like what happened ???. The new back story makes Blaze’s motivation unclear and unclearer. Scenes are edited in cartoon-like sequences and weird montages make the film even more idioticAlso his voice,  They went to a lot of trouble synthesizing animal noises through an electric guitar to pull off the perfect “unholy” sound they were after.  The problem?

Nicolas Cage portrays Johnny Blaze in utterly ridiculous fashion. There are moments where his acting becomes ridicules and stupid. He decided to play Ghost Rider by himself which was a good decision but the way he walks makes him a laughable piece of shit of all superhero movies. Ciarna Hinds-Rourke who plays devil not at all looks scary of threatening instead he looks as laughable as Nicolas Cage . Johnny Whitworth is no better as Carrigan,an uninteresting character whom the real Ghost Rider would have blown into ashes in 35.55 secs.His appearances give feeling of a clown prince trying scare people as hard as he could . Violante Placido puts in a good performance as Nadya, while Idris Elba is perhaps the films only real saving grace as Moreau. However, with little screentime, poor characterisation and and mostly awful dialogue, it’s hard to really praise anyone.none of them have a lot to do, and Fergus Riordan’s as a young Danny (Ketch?) is better we don’t mention it. The movie starts in a ridiculous fashion and soon gets into the boots of Terminator 2. With Blaze trying to save a kid from becoming the Devil

The special effects are good and Ghost Rider looks fantastic. While Blaze is in his fiery form, the leather on his jacket and his chain and bike. The only action scenes and Chases scenes are the ones which you have already seen in the trailers and TV spots. Unfortunately, the 3D effects are nowhere near as effective, serving only as a reminder of why seeing any film that wasn’t shot in the format or at least converted properly is a waste of time and money.If you really want to watch Spirit of Vengeance , do so in 2D.

So if you want to watch the movie to see a man with skull on fire there aren’t enough scenes where this man really has his skull on fire

My Ra(n)ting 1.5 out of 5 and I want my money back

If I knew where Nicolas Cage lived, I’d send him a copy.  It would be….appropriate somehow.

Guide to Avengers : connecting the dots

Avengers set to release on May 4th 2012 which is set up in Marvel Cinematic Universe comprising of movies Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will have the superheroes from all the four movies and some other new additions to the table. we are on the final course towards the assembly of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (and one Asgardian God of Thunder) on the big screen. While there are many easter eggs focusing on the mythos of each character in each movie, I will single out those that may have ties to The Avengers.

The simplest way to do this is to look at the chronology. Chronologically the Captain America comes first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe second is Iron Man. It seems that the beginning of Iron Man 2 is third, with the events of both The Incredible Hulk and Thor beginning during IM2. As for the bookends for TFA some may assume that they are the final events before The Avengers. Although using the map from the end of IM2 it clearly has a blimp in the Arctic, leading to the finding of Cap. Also the deleted scene from The Incredible Hulk where he destroys the polar ice cap and where for the first time Captain America’s body and shield in the ice were seen for a sec may be the reason how SHILED found out Captain America there. The Storm during Incredible Hulk may too have took place at the same time when Thor was banished to Earth and the change in weather phenomenon was recorded worldwide. For further concept of timeline one must read this

With this the Easter Eggs and plot threads from Captain America: TFA that seem fit into connection. Seen at the Stark Expo is Jim Hammond, the Original Human Torch. This could be picked up in either The Avengers or in a Ant-Man movie as the Vision were based on the original designs of the Synthezoid Jim Hammond. They reference the Thor mythos a few times, but the next major connection seems to be Bucky falling off of the train to his death. Death is not actually the word I should use here because he was not shown dying instead he just fell into the pit in the same style in early comic books ,honestly, Bucky being on the operating table/interrogation room, never gets explained. While it could of been just another interrogation room, what if Red Skull/Zola tried a new sort of test super soldier serum on him, therefore he would survive the fall and that leads into him becoming Winter Soldier. Bucky does wake up dazed, so it’s plausible he doesn’t know if anything happened to him. This we may see in the Sequel

Finally in Captain America: TFA we see Howard Stark find the Cube at the bottom of the ocean while searching for Cap. Earlier in the movie we see Stark studying a confiscated piece of energy from the Cube realizing it could do wonders for the future of energy, before inadvertently blowing it up. From the SHIELD Vault on the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray and dvd, it references Project Pegasus, which stands for Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/ United States, Tony Stark built a Prismatic Accelerator to create his new metal in IM2 the plans were from Project Pegasus originally. The Accelerator looks very similar to that of energy cells in the Hydra base in TFA, while the core of the energy cells are very similar to the Arc Reactor from the Iron Man movies. Howard Stark may have created Project Pegasus to seek resolutions for better American Energy based off of the Cosmic Cube.

In Iron Man, though there aren’t many references other than the Nick Fury cameo after the credits. This was the beginning of The Avengers build up, which further developed in Iron Man 2. The biggest thing fans saw in was the Captain America shield, although not many fans would think about too much about it, on a site a question came up why Tony had this shield lying around (as seen in both Iron Man movies) perhaps he or Howard were trying to reproduce a shield for future Super Soldiers (as seen in The Incredible Hulk) it may have been for the US Agent or for the Patriot or may be that Tony idolized the stories of Captain America growing up, and tried to build a version of the shield for the sake of it. Also in IM2 is that Tony sees an image of the tesseract in Howard’s book that he studies which makes further connection between TFA and Thor here.

The most memorable Easter egg, at least for me, was the map during the debriefing between Nick Fury and Tony Stark. In this one scene Kevin Feige, President of Production of Marvel Studios managed to foreshadow future movies and appearances, as well as force the entire comic book community to have a nerdgasm at the possibilities of certain characters. First let’s examine the western hemisphere. We have Iron Man in California, Thor in New Mexico, Hulk in New England and Cap in the Arctic. Simple enough right? Depends on your definition really, because we still have the blimp in the middle of the ocean, obvious signs point to Namor and Wakanda where Black Panther is or may be Hank Pym is doing his research on Vibranium there .

The eastern hemisphere has only two blimps, one near Norway and one in Africa. Black Panther is in Africa, there on to the Norway blimp right,just wrong for assuming. This blimp could be Ant-Man as he could be studying Vibranium, maybe I am stretching here, but they could go the route original comics went when introducing Ant-Man Safe bet is definitely Black Panther though, as they will need Vibranium to make another Cap shield eventually. Onto Norway, well this one I believed to be either Bucky or Red Skull originally but after the events of TFA I was completely stumped. Why you may ask? Well if they go the Winter Soldier route, then Bucky would need to fall off the train near Russia which isn’t close enough to Norway for coincidences. As for the Skull he was sucked into another dimension via the Cosmic Cube at the end of TFA so he wouldn’t be technically on Earth so possibility of Namor cannot be denied

The Incredible Hulk had many Easter Eggs and plot threads that relate to relate with other Marvel Cinematic Universe films, some related and some not so related. As for the primary ones, in the opening credits we view plans for the sonic beam trucks created by Stark Industries, as well as a few documents wit Nick Fury’s name on them.

Another Easter egg is during the Culver University scene that can be seen at the end of Iron Man 2, the reporter states the names of the two students who captured the video of the Hulk, the names being Jack McGee and Jim Wilson. Jack McGee for those of you who don’t know was the reporter in the ABC Hulk series in the 70’s, no big deal another cute reference to the show. Jim Wilson however, is the nephew of Sam Wilson, The Falcon himself , so will we see the Falcon anytime soon? Perhaps not, but this is promising that Marvel Studios is trying to expand the MCU with more characters that aren’t exactly considered “A-list” characters. It brings great promise that this may be the case, perhaps we can see Beta Ray Bill in a future Thor movie?

The biggest egg in TIH is the repaired version of the Super Soldier serum. The serum is blue, much like in Captain America: The First Avenger and it also worked as seen with Blonksy during the Culver university sequence. The comparisons with TFA can be seen as the speed with which both Blonsky and Rogers move and execute attacks is so alike. Also the speed at which Blonsky recovered after having all of his bones “crushed ” helps better understand how Cap survived 70 years in frozen terrain, as well as hinting that the Red Skull could survive living in another realm, that being that the Serum has a self repairing side effect.

Scene followed the Culver university scene, it would have followed the debriefing of Tony by Fury. Therefore, this could have been around the time that Thor was taking care of business over in New Mexico, there is a two or three hour difference so it could be the same moment that Thor was taking out the Destroyer, which could cause atmospheric disturbances and change weather patterns throughout the nation. So outside of a theory with absolutely no meteorology experience this really could be no more than a simple coincidence or reference to Thor.

The Incredible Hulk ends with a clue of Bruce may be finally able to control Hulk as his eyes turn green, Loki’s Magic is also green and this may be the reference to the very first comic book where Loki takes control of Hulk causing Avengers to unite for the very first time thus Marvel Studios being loyal to fans by sticking up to what actually happened.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite God of Thunder, Thor is similar to TIH, it has many subtle eggs, and a few things that could be explained further explored with another scene from an MCU film. On with the refrences, Dr. Erik Selvig references Banner when talking about SHIELD, and also hints at knowing someone that has dealt with “these people before.” Now having read the script, this colleague is known to be Ant-Man himself, Henry “Hank” Pym. Now this could solidify the “theory” that Hank Pym is in Africa searching/studying Vibranium, all it actually says is that Hank has been involved with Shield in some capacity prior to Thor, which with Marvel Math you can assume is before IM2 if not the original Iron Man Around the 34 minute mark of Thor is the end Credits scene to IM2, now does this mean that this part of Thor falls is chronologically following the debriefing scene in IM2 ?

The easter egg is a simple phrase Loki says to Heimdall, “There are secret paths between the worlds to which even you with all your gifts are blind.” This phrase set up the route to which Loki arrives on Earth for The Avengers. Yet after seeing TFA we know that the Cosmic Cube is a path between worlds, whether or not Heimdall can see these paths does not matter. What does matter, is the fact that now we have a way for Thor to get back to Earth in The Avengers. When the Skull was sucked into the World Tree, the cosmic universe looked very similar to a scene in Thor, meaning he could have ended up close to Asgard. At the end of Thor we see that Shield has the Cube in custody with the idea that it has unlimited power and it is hinted that Shield may know that the Cube is a gateway to another dimension. Now with Cap unfrozen, he will be able to explain what happened to the Skull, which could lead to someone using it to get Thor back on Earth. Although, I would assume that Loki will have obtained the Cube somehow before Thor is brought back to Earth which would become the day unlike any other.

Another connecting dot in MCU is Agent Phil Coulson. He is introduced as an agent of Shield in Iron Man and then his role expands in Iron Man 2 and Thor. A original character created for movies played by Clark Gregg is now in the Avengers movie with his solo Shorts tie in to the movie showing how badass he is. Personally he has become one of my personal favourites MCU and would like his further character development in Avengers

Also the introduction of Hawkeye as an agent of Shield in Thor was another homage to original comics where he worked with SHIELD and was later framed and became a runaway hero. In Thor we got a glimpse into the Odin’s Vault which had Eternal Flame, Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock’s Eye, Orb of Agamotto andTablet of Life & Time. Out of these fans are most excited about the infinity gauntlet which can be a hint about Thanos whom we can see sooner and later in a marvel movie

Till now I am able to connect movies and MCU as much I could for rest we will have to wait till 4th of May 2012.