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Avengers Arena Appreciation


When Avengers Arena was first introduced in Marvel Now! a lot of fans didn’t show any interest in it, although I decided to give it a chance. Nothing can be as good to read favorite Runaways and Avengers academy characters Nico, Chase, X-23, Mettle, Hazmat and Reptil all locked into a death match in the fashion similar to the Hunger Games/Battle Royale. A starting speculation was that most of the characters are just brought in to be killed in cheap fashion only to be removed from the continuity. As the series progressed and after some character death including Darkhawk, Juston, and Nico, I realized that the series is so well written.

Each issue has something that is lacking in the other books that are currently out there, real risk. I have never been this thrilled for a comic book in a long time. The last time is probably back when X-men: Second Coming is out. This is one series that you should buy trade paperback of.

Avengers Arena goes on with giving character development to a lot of characters, forming future storylines and introducing new fan favs. This series is worth reading for once. Just check it out.


Continuty Issues in Avengers Arena


Avengers Arena is a spin-off from The Avengers (and sequel of sorts of Avengers Academy) created by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker as part of Marvel’s Marvel NOW iniative. Avengers Arena stars sixteen of the Marvel Universe’s teenage superheroes as they’re put onto an isolated island and forced to fight and kill each other for diabolical mastermind Arcade’s amusement.

Since the series has started there have been a few continuity issues with the series. I wonder if they are intentional or just innocent mistakes.


  • Nico casts the spell “Chill Out”, which she cast in Civil War : Runaways/Young Avenges #2. The Staff of One can only cast the same spell once and tends to have a random or negative effect when a spell is recast by doing something different. Though the effect is different, the results are very much the same. It’s very odd. This could be intentional, as she mentions her magic is not functioning properly.
  • On a similar note, despite receiving plot point power ups in Joss Whedon’s run with the kids, neither Runaway carries their new weaponry and skills into this book. This also counts as bit of Off Model as the designs for their weaponry were changed with the upgrade.
  • During a flashback in #3, Agent Brand shows Cammi a picture that has her with Nova, Drax the Destroyer, and Starlord. The problem is that Peter Quill didn’t become Starlord again until the after Cammi left.


  • Nico and Chase’s trust problems in this series are culled from Runaways volume two. In volume three, the two of them seem to bury the hatchet and have a budding relationship.
  • Within the series, the timeline and time skips have caused no end of confusion, the latest coming in #11 and really does problems to linear time. What was a clear few days for the rest of the cast was a week and a half for Hazmat and Reptil. This could be explained by the method the other kids joined the duo: magic portal. However, this would require Apex to basically be sitting around doing nothing for all the time in between.

15 Characters To watch in 2013

Superior Spider-Man: My top fav in the list for a reason because Doc-Ock his ultimate nemesis switched bodies with Peter Parker who died in Doc’s body. Now Doc-Ock is operating as spider-man while Peter is out somewhere trying to get back in his body. It is most exciting to see how it ends up finally.Image

Cyclops: Charles Xavier’s biggest achievement turned into greatest failure and now mutantkind’s greatest hope is someone who is hated and loved for the same reason.There is a cyclops from the past trying to fix things and there is a cyclops who is here because of whatever he went through as young Scott. Lets see how this ends up. Also did I said Cyclops was right?

Aquaman: The king of Atlantis. The ultimate badass Aquaman’s status is somewhat as of Cyclops. People love him and the old school fanboys still find him laughable. But whoever falls in the second category should check out their opinions because he is now in the center of JLA and not ready to take no for an answer, not even Batman

Superman: The Trinity war begins this year Superman has always been the greatest character out there in comic world and with his return on Silver Screen he is definitely the character to look out for

Arcade: Welcome to murderworld was all he said and a dangerous game begin with stakes as high as everyone’s life. Arcade is the center of Murderworld and he is hosting a dangerous game with bunch of young heroes fighting to survive. Image
Star-Lord: Guardians of The Galaxy are back and with their big screen adventure due for next year they are going to receive the top most attention by Marvel in coming days. You should be watching what cosmic threat is plunging around this time.Image

Jean Grey: This time a young Jean Gray is back in the present timeline from the past and what she saw here is very much disturbing for her. While it brings back old memories and wounds for both Cyclops and Wolverine the knowledge about the fact that she dies a tragic death in her future keeps haunting her. What happens next is something to look out for.

Ultron: Three Words ” AGE OF ULTRON” screw Thanos, screw Loki and Screw Galactus. Ultron is the real danger here. In a continuity where he kills most of the heroes and accomplished his goal of fixing the ultimate error so now what. Ultron rules in an alternate universe and remaining heroes fight against him. If this is not the big thing then what else can be.

Pandora: Just mentioning her here so that she could finally fix all the crapfest that is going in the name of DC new 52

G.I Joe: Cobra’s one more mission failed last year and he has sworn revenge on GI Joes. He’ll be coming back with a vengeance. A major twist is already in rumors and a much delayed sequel to the disappointment called G.I Joe movie is finally coming out this year.

Thor: Much successful 2011 movie Thor’s 2nd outing will hit theaters this year in november with is being directed by Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor. Thor’s much acclaimed comic series is already in news with The God Butcher running rampant. Three ages, Three Thor and one badass villains. What else do you want?

Constantine: After bidding farewell from vertigo imprint and kid friendlier version of Constantine is here who is not foul mouth and probably doesn’t smoke. With a new era starting in history of this character it would be cool to see how DC follows the legacy.

The original Star Wars crew: what Dark Horse has in store for us in 2013 hasn’t been seen since its brilliant Dark Empire series that premiered more than 20 years ago. And even though you might think Disney will take its time with its first new Star Wars project, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see some other Star Wars projects released from Disney by end of 2013.

The Riddler: Few people can make Batman’s life hell as much as possible. He is not yet mentioned in new 52 but hints are being dropped around that he’ll be back in Batman’s life at some point in this year. Also another Arkham game will be dropping by the end of this year so it would be interesting to see if Riddler is still the mastermind or someone else takes his place.

ImageJustice League Dark: Dark Universe movie being planned by Del Toro is something I am waiting for and the team adventures taking places in darkest corners of DC Universe is treat with every issue. Image