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7 Characters I want to see on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow is a treat for fans who have always wanted to see some goofy comic book style action and storyline. While the story itself isn’t that great till now then idea and the Easter eggs that this show has been dropping is worth mentioning. With a number of appearances announces in future that includes future Green Arrow and Jonah Hex, here are a couple of characters I want to see on the show in future.


  1. Booster Gold – I mean come on, a time travel saga without the greatest hero never known is very much impossible and unacceptable. I would love to see Booster Gold following the team’s adventures as he is on a greater mission.Booster_Gold_Vol_2_43_Textless
  2. Hourman – The classic hourman is one of my favorite characters. Like Jonah Hex his appearance can be set in past. His storyline will be one hell of a memento style acid trip.
  3. Calendar Man – What makes Calendar Man so interesting is his style of committing crime. This can be beautifully incorporated in a show that is primarily about time travel.
  4. The Kents – So we cannot see Superman on DC TV but what about Thomas and Martha Kent? Why can’t we get to see them in a story set before little Kal-El came in their life. I would love to see a teenage romance story between this couple. superman-and-the-kents
  5. Shadow Thief  Now that TV shows are incorporating better graphics in each episode I would really love to see an episode on Shadow Thief. He has been such an interesting character and yet so underused. Legends of Tomorrow is the perfect place where he can menace this group of dysfunctional heroes.685853-justice_league_of_america_029_pg_23
  6. Vigilante – Vigilante was one of my favorite characters on animated Justice League series. I would like to see him as a part of a classic gun toting western story.543
  7. Thomas Wayne – Just like the Kents I would love to see Thomas Wayne. May be drop hints of him being this universe’s Batman in future. Won’t it be cool. I know it is a far away thought but imagine how cool it would be.Thomas_Wayne_JLFP_Altered_001