Review – Gotham Episode 1


Adding layers to the Batman’s on screen Mythos we have Gotham as the latest addition to the list. If Batman on screen personas are layers of a cake then where are you going to put up Gotham is the question (Joel Schumacher’s version will obviously be the bottom-most wooden plate that everyone throws away after licking off some cream.)

Gotham when went into development claimed to have taken mythos from Batman: Year One, Scott Snyder’s Zero Year, Batman: Earth One and obviously Gotham Central but as the first episode aired it doesn’t feel like Gotham Central at all leave alone rest of the books.

Storywise it tries to give a Nolanish feeling to the setting, something that Arrow has followed for two years and has got positive reviews mostly till now. The biggest problem with Gotham is that even after being named after Batman’s city that in comics has its own character and set of mythos, it feels like any other city in USA (Los Angeles and Detroit seem to have higher crime rate than Gotham.) Warner Bros is obviously bored of telling the same Batman origin story again and again so in first episode we got a quick replay of the iconic Waynes’ murder scene and as Bruce looked at his parents’ dead bodies, got down on its knees and screamed looking up in the darkness I knew that that show is going to disappoint. The moment was so underwhelming that I almost lost expectations from rest of the episodes. Selena Kyle is introduced on the show before Bruce Wayne is ever introduced and from what it seems from 2 episodes that passed and the 3rd one on its way that Selena is going to be a more centric character than Bruce who’ll keep showing his psychotic behavior that sounds more like a criminal rather than a Superhero vigilante, oh wait.

Anyways, I absolutely loved how Cabbalpot and Nygma were introduced, James Gordon certainly has no persona as of now and neither does Harvey Bullock. Fish Mooney was an even irritating character and the way the creators are forcefully trying to make her talk and act like Harley Quinn has simply ruined it for me. The joker reference sounded cool, I think they will show certain references throughout the season rather than introducing him because The Joker exists because Batman does and if he is introduced before introduction of his arch nemesis then the purpose would be gone.

I have read previews and casting, I want to see Red hood gang and Tommy Elliot to be introduced on the show because they exist in early Gotham mythos more than any of these. For people who have been disappointed by the show should lower down their expectations and think of it as just another average TV show, I guess that will work better for this show.

So obviously Gotham right now feels like Decoration on the side of cake with flowers, blue cream and all the jazz. One can ignore if it was just another show but it then the cake is huge and people want to be perfect.

Rating 3.5/5 (could have been 5/5 if the name was not Gotham)


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