Remembering Pran Kumar Sharma.

Pran Kumar Sharma, the creator of the iconic characters like Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo and Pinky passed away last Wednesday in Delhi at age of 75. The news of his demise was hit hard among the fans who grew up reading tales of Chacha Chaudhary, whose brain works faster than a computer, troublesome Billoo and cute Pinky. Large number of fans mourned the loss of the beloved artist and the comic book creator that was followed by a series of fond memories about reading and buying diamond comics on a train journey or during summer holidays.

We at Comicbookrants decided to pay him a tribute on his birthday yesterday on 15 Aug but we got loaded we list of tributes and messages from all around the internet that it took us a day finally come up with the article.

Here is a chat session with the legendary artist that will bring your memories and tears in the eyes at the same time.

The internet was abuzz with news of demise of the legend as well. From Facebook to Twitter everyone mourned his death.

Major Indian comic book companies and fans wrote about the loss Indian comics industry just went through.



rashi aniruddho deepak varun

Artists paying tribute with their art works dedicated to Pran Sir.

10435840_10152360607776553_2184676996556140620_nAmul was the first one in the long list of art tributes to the legend

Kshiraj TelangBy Kshiraj Telang

ManasBy Manas

Raghupathi SringeriBy Raghupathi Sringeri

Rahul KatyayanRahul Katyayan

sumit kumar adapted from this Jim Henson tributeSumit Kumar’s adaptation from Jim Henson’s tribute to Walt Disney

sumit kumarChacha Chaudhary and Tintin mashup by Sumit Kumar

More tributes can be followed in this album on Chitrakatha’s page

Along with facebook users and pages twitterverse was a shocked by this news as well.

The Prime Minister remembers Pran Sir

Cartoonist Manjul’s tribute for the legend

Pran sir left behind a long list of admirers and fans who grew up reading his characters. He is always going to live in their memories and the legacy he left behind.


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