Time runs out in Marvel Universe

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Marvel Universe is going through some unexceptional changes, with Original Sin coming to an end there is a lot happening in the corners of 616 Universe. In other words, time will run out in Marvel universe this September when Avengers #35 and New Avengers #24 will jump 8 month ahead giving a glimpse of how Marvel Universe will look like in April 2015.


Back in April it was announced that Marvel is planning to kill Wolverine, everyone thought that it was another of the gimmicks. As storyline continued Marvel stripped Wolverine of his regenerative abilities and right now Wolverine has around 2 months to live and time is running out for Logan. Death of Wolverine is set for a finale in September.

But this is not where it stops. There are some major changes in Marvel universe. Tony Stark’s group of Illuminati is busy saving their Earth from incursions with another Earths while Fantastic Four fight for their own survival. We are going to meet second person who was bitten by the spider along with Peter Parker. The final incursion is going to take place in September, the same time when Wolverine dies.


In another set of events Captain America got stripped from the effects of Super Soldier Serum and aged rapidly to a 90 year old man leaving the space vacant for a new Captain America. If we trust the teases by Marvel comics and fan theories then Falcon may become the new Captain America in a few months.

What’s next.


Yesterday’s big Marvel announcement revealed that Jason Aaron will introduce a new Female Thor soon as Thor Odinson will be deemed unworthy. It seems that Thundra is the one lifting the hammer, although it is not the first time we will meet a female Thor, Earth X had a female Thor but that was Odinson transformed into a woman by Loki’s magic.

So what’s next? There is a major change we will be seeing with Hulk as his storyline in pages of Savage Hulk and Indestructible Hulk continues, Deadpool is going to be a victim as we will soon get to know who his daughter is and what happed to her and what about Richard Rider returning?


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