Whatever Happened to Booster Gold


Booster Gold one of the DC’s most underrated characters has vanished from the face of DC universe since the reboot. There is no sign of him except for a short stint in All Star Western there is no sign of the time travelling Superhero.
DC has gone a long way so that no characters remember the world before New 52 but Booster Gold was himself away from the mainstream DC timeline when Flashpoint happened. Booster went to the Flashpoint universe after sensing some trouble and so there are huge chances of him remembering the pre New52 universe even after the reboot. After Booster showed up in All Star Western he slowly lost his memory and it seemed that Booster has no idea of Flashpoint either.
But again and again its been hinted that he still remembers being a time master because he recognizes the vanishing point. In Justice League International we saw an older version of Booster Gold who was working with ARGUS where he drops hints about Booster’s future and about Rip Hunter. This continued when Booster senior started appearing at key moments of DC Universe events and he had a better understanding of DC universe than his younger version. That was the last time we saw both the Boosters with the older version warning him that the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman would have dire consequences. But seconds later, as Wonder Woman and Superman kissed for the first time, young Booster and old Booster faded from existence — implying their future had somehow been erased by this event. Even though Booster was one of the few including the Flash to be present in the Flashpoint-verse, Booster’s character ultimately did not remember anything afterwords and suffered from “too soon for his time” syndrome.
Everyone thought Booster Gold with return in Trinity War and then he was hinted in Forever Evil but till now there is no sign of him. New 52 Futurees End is like an ideal place where Booster can show up because this series is kind of related to time travel and continuity. Also as Ted Kord has made his debut in New 52 it seems that his Gold buddy will return sooner or later to New 52 universe
DC has F****d up the continuity and its own mythos, the compex timeline that I used to love exists no more and New 52 is too stupid for its own sake. They have sidelined my favorite heroes and characters and gives shitty titles that no-one cares about multiple chances, I and a lot of fans are waiting that the Booster Gold issues is resolved as soon as possible.


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