Movie review Edge of Tomorrow


Every year we get a Hollywood flick based on certain pop culture material that is not marketed properly and yet it turns out to be a classic. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t do as good as rest of the summer blockbusters but it definitely makes a statement.

In the times when Marvel and DC movies are ruling the box office no one takes a movie made on Japanese Light Novel seriously. It seems to be lost in the crowd but you know that it is out there somewhere.

The movie is centered around Major William Cage who dies while fighting with aliens called Mimics only to find himself awaken 24 hours before he goes into the battle. Cage lives the same 24 hours over and over until he starts wondering whats going on and contacts Seargent Rita Vrataski played by Emily Blunt who realizes what is happening to him.

It turns out that since he killed the Alpha he has got a power to reset each day after his death and sense the Omega mimic when it is nearby which once killed will kill all the mimics hence Cage’s training begins to succeed in the battle.

The story goes in its natural pace that it never sounds out of place or boring. Performance by the actors is top notch and after a long time Tom Cruise is seen with a new style and persona. Director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith) surely knows how to make an action movie worth watching.

Rating 4/5


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One thought on “Movie review Edge of Tomorrow

  1. ladynimue July 21, 2014 at 9:30 am Reply

    I wish i had watched this in theater. I guess its the same week that “How to train a dragon 2” was out. And i cud not think of any other movie that tym.

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