Original Sin – Three characters who likely killed the Watcher



After a long long time Marvel comics is up with a series that is as good as Civil War and Secret Invasion and the way it is proceeding it is supposed to reach the same level with coming issues.

One question that everyone is busy guessing is that who killed the watcher and here are my guesses.

3.    Dr. Doom – It’s been a long time since Dr. Doom was relevant to any storyline but that is not a reason for him killing Uatu. Doom is known for making hatching schemes that he can go as far as he can to protect even when he knows Watcher wont interfere why take a risk.


2.   Dr. Strange – Another Doctor you must be thinking but Strange has been into messy stuff before and probably sold his own soul. Few issues earlier he recruited help of Punisher and has wiped Captain America’s mind. Punisher is known to get away with murder so what if Dr. Strange mind controlled him into killing Uatu and then wiped his mind. What actually happened will be seen in coming issues

1.   Red Hulk – For a key player and known as an investigator Rulk is mysteriously absent from the entire series till now makes me wonder why. Red Hulk is known to gather information by whatever means possible but can he go as far as killing Uatu and taking his eyes, well he can. He has punched The Watcher before and went on toe to toe with Silver Surfer thanks to Loebforce also Red Hulk has used Huge weapons earlier so he makes a top suspect of killing all seeing all knowing Cosmic Entity known as The Watcher.


I don’t know why but even after 3 top suspects my mind says that it might be Richard Rider who might have made his hands dirty by killing Uatu. This is the best way to bring Rider back in 616 universe storyline and Uatu is the only guy on whom Rider should be pissed because he didn’t help him. If my guess is true then the original Nova might be coming back pissing off a lot of fans in process.

Or what if it is Black Bolt, he blinded Uatu in Earth X series to prevent him from seeing him release Terrigen mist in Earth’s atmosphere. Also he is absent since Thanos allegedly killed him during Infinity storyline before which he released Terrigen Mist.



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