In My Mind: Ultimatum


Ultimatum was Marvel Comics epic event that saw pretty much demise of Ultimate Universe. This storyline is subject of constant hatred among the fans has got a lot of negative reception over time for no apparent reason as if there is nothing good about this event.

While everything being said about this event I am one of the few people who actually liked Ultimatum and is one of my favorite Graphic Novels I have collected till date. Everything about this series is top notch a fan can get.

Normally when a event starts with This will end/change everything fans take it lightly as per cliche someone would die and will be brought back after a year or so. Fans were expecting the same with Ultimatum and what they got was more than what they expected. The Ultimate Universe was always on a verge of destruction and this one proved to be its melting point.

Ultimatum is one of the brilliantly written books although I hate Loeb for ruining a lot of things in current Marvel comics series especially what he did with Red Hulk and so on but what he did with Ultimatum was simply brilliant. If someone thinks that a universe built on constant fear of destruction and death will have something hopeful come out of it after an event that claims to change everything they are wrong.

The best part of Ultimatum is how it unfolds itself events by event. The villains reveal themselves slowly some driven by thirst of revenge and some by love. Ultimatum is a storyline where every hero fights nad struggles for his own survival and survival of humanity in process. Even after lots and lots of heroes die in Tsunami still the remaining ones gather for a last fight and do what they can do the best.

Another best thing about this event was its art, it compelled brilliantly with the storytelling and really kept up with pacing. Ultimatum is the brutal version of DC’s crisis events the only difference is that the way Marvel Ultimate universe went after this and the way it is going now really sucks.

My advice, give it a chance and try reading this graphic novel for once without any expectations.


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