[Review] Justice League: War


Justice League: War is not a movie, it is actually a documentary that telling us about things that are wrong with comic books and comic book movies of this era.

The movie takes source from rebooted Justice League: Universe with a new take on young superheroes, where no one takes Batman seriously, Superman behaves like a reckless douche, Wonder Woman speaks and behaves like Thor and Green Lantern is a hipster. We get a totally new (read dark) origin for Cyborg like 90% of characters in DC universe today.

Anyways Batman and Green Lantern arrive Metropolis investigating some alien activity and get into Superman’s path. What follows after is Darkseid opening a portal on Earth exactly the same way he did in Justice League Unlimited’s finale and heroes join forces to fight him.

There’s a lot of violence, Darkseid gets his eyes poked in a long boring battle that with exploding buildings that bring back the horrors of Man of Steel movie.

Justice League: War is not a bad movie but if DC is trying to shape its movie universe based on the same characterization then it will fail miserably because it is not original, we have watched and read the same stuff happen over and over again.


2.5 out of 5


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