Movie Review: Robocop (2014)


Robocop is reboot of a franchise that no one really asked for. The original was a cult classic and doesn’t matter how much one wants to ignore the original movie while watching this one, you simply can’t.

This Robocop is a PG-13 movie compared to the R Rated original that clearly shows that producers focused solely on the profits. You’ll really enjoy it if you ignore that there used to be a classic Robocop in the 80s. Its a good movie according to the restrictions studio had put on director Joe Paldha and according to those standards this movie turns out to be good.

While one can comment Joe Paldha for trying to make something different than the original Robocop he failed miserably at certain points. The villains pose no actual threat and worse than that the original movie had henchmen who used to look like a threat are downgraded badly.

I am not a fan of tactical black suit, not because it is bad or something but because it proves to be a distraction due to bad lighting effects. While some of the classic characters are missing performance by Samuel L. Jackson is commendable, also performance by Jackie Earle Haley especially his voice work is superb. Overall this movie is a one time watch and is a good entertainment material.


3 out of 5


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