Deathlok coming to to Marvel’s Agents of Shield


Agents of SHIELD is slowly catching up and recently it has been confirmed that troubledrichards1 hero—Mike Peterson (played by J. August Richards)—will be introduced as none other than the infamous Deathlok!

The last time Mike Richards was seen on the show he attempted to save Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) from an explosion that resulted him missing leg, severe burns, and some fresh Centipede installments courtesy of Project Centipede!

In comics Deathlok corpse of Luther Manning who was reanimated as a cyborg in alternate future (the “future” in this case being the year 1999) by Simon Ryker – head of Roxxon Oil. Like Vision, Deathlok was originally forced to obey Ryker but slowly his emotions began to surface and was able to overcome his creator.


Since then, numerous other people have donned the name of Deathlok with slightly different back stories including John Kelly, Michael Collins, and sometimes Deathlok was just a robot (sometimes a whole army).

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” will return next week and clue us in on how they’ll be bringing Deathlok to the small screen. The real question is, which Deathlok character is this origin story going to be based off of – Luther Manning, Michael Collins, or are they doing something completely different?

Lets see how Agents of SHIELDs introduces us with Deathlok on the show.


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