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Must check out- Saga (Image Comics)



Saga by Image comics is one of the most amazing thing to happen in comic books industry in this era. This comics is written by Brain K. Vaughn and art work is done by Fiona Staples. This is one comic book series that everyone has been talking about since the year it got published.

Set against the backdrop of a galactic war, Saga follows new parents Marko and Alana as they risk all fighting the odds to raise their newborn daughter in the midst of a violent struggle. The book has already stirred some controversy with its depiction of a breastfeeding on the cover, so there’s bound to be extra interest once it hits shelves.

A lot of reviewers have compared it with Star Wars meeting Game of Thrones and the way story is proceeding and it should be. Vaughn is the most noted writer of this generation and has won multiple awards for his works escpcially Y: The Last man and Pride of Baghdad along with working on hit TV series lost.

For everyone comic book fan who is wanting to read something different, Saga is something that you should must check out.

Trailer breakdown: Guardians of the Galaxy


A detailed look on Guardians of the Galaxy trailer that released last week and took over the internet with storm. Here is a detailed look at Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.


Korath and Star Lord meet : Star Lord walks into a temple that contains the mysterious orb, the moment he picks it up he is surrounded by the Kree guards. With this Kree officially makes their screen debut. We get to meet the Kree guard Korath the Pursuer played by Djimon Hounsou. He wonders who Star Lord is.


Meet Nova Corps : We get to meet Nova corps officers in the next shot. We get to meet John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey, and Peter Serafinowicz as Nova corps officers taking a look at the new prisoners. They play as the medium that introduces audience to these new characters that hardly anyone knows about.


Drax : We get introduced to Dave Bautista’s character Drax aka the destroyer, he looks even terrifying with his makeup on. He’s been seeking vengeance across the galaxy for the death of his family and has about a dozen charges of murder.


Meet the most dangerous woman in the universe : We get to meet Gamora the green lady played by Zoe Saldana, she is just few murders behind Drax.


Rocket : Then we meet Rocket the Raccoon, one of his kind left in the Galaxy. He’s voiced by Bradley Cooper. He is alone, has anger issues and has tendency to bite.


I am Groot : Groot is Rocket’s traveling buddy. He is a talking tree voiced by Vin diesel and looks excellent with final CGI works.


Star Lord again : We finally are introduced to Star Lord and as much he talks about himself he is not that famous as much as he talks about himself.


More Aliens : Then we get to meet some other aliens in the same prison from various races. About time when Hardcore Marvel fans start finding out the familiar faces.

This is followed by Rocket Raccoon riding a talking tree and then we get to meet a shirtless Peter Quill who looks very very angry. Star Lord smash?


Nebula : This is followed by a short appearance by Nebulla played by Doctor Who companion Karen Gillain. She looks badass and menacing with her head shaved and makeup on. In comics Nebula is a space pirate who claims to be granddaughter of Thanos who is certainly not happy when he finds out about it.


The Collector :  We get to meet Benecio Del Toro’s character again after stinger cameo in Thor: The Dark World and what looks behind him might be his personal zoo.


Then we see Star Lord in full costume followed by The Guardians standing in the usual suspects pose. Everything that showed up in first trailer is an introduction to the general audience who never heard about this team. Everything about this movie seems promising till now lets see how it turns out.












[Review] Justice League: War


Justice League: War is not a movie, it is actually a documentary that telling us about things that are wrong with comic books and comic book movies of this era.

The movie takes source from rebooted Justice League: Universe with a new take on young superheroes, where no one takes Batman seriously, Superman behaves like a reckless douche, Wonder Woman speaks and behaves like Thor and Green Lantern is a hipster. We get a totally new (read dark) origin for Cyborg like 90% of characters in DC universe today.

Anyways Batman and Green Lantern arrive Metropolis investigating some alien activity and get into Superman’s path. What follows after is Darkseid opening a portal on Earth exactly the same way he did in Justice League Unlimited’s finale and heroes join forces to fight him.

There’s a lot of violence, Darkseid gets his eyes poked in a long boring battle that with exploding buildings that bring back the horrors of Man of Steel movie.

Justice League: War is not a bad movie but if DC is trying to shape its movie universe based on the same characterization then it will fail miserably because it is not original, we have watched and read the same stuff happen over and over again.


2.5 out of 5

Review: The Lego Movie


The Lego Movie
Director: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Cast: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman

There are few movies that really connect with the audience and take them on a ride of a lifetime. The Lego movie defines it exactly. Anyone who has grown up and played with Legos will find a very deep connection to the film, or even if you have not still it will take you to your childhood.

Lego movie is clever and hilarious, it will make you laugh continuously and whatever they say that the movie is for kids, it has a very subtle adult humor. The script is intelligent and is cute. It is way simpler than a Pixar movie and provides a sum-up near the end that ties together a few, hinted-at clues into a meaningful knot.

Much like Lord and Miller’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the film is bright and colorful, with amazing graphics and great voice acting to add to it all. From the wittiness of Will Arnett’s Batman to the lovable personalities of Liam Neeson’s Bad Cop/Good Cop, I guarantee you will have a hard time not laughing. While Channing Tatum’s Superman, Cobie Smulders’ Wonder Woman, and more don’t have large roles in the film, they still bring funny, enjoyable moments for all to enjoy.

Overall Lego movie is a lot of fun and a must watch. It will take you back to your childhood and will bring you back after a ride of your lifetime

Final Rating

5 out of 5

Comic Conned 2014


Comic Con India returned this year with a bigger venue and better attraction. There were more international guests. The venue was changed from Dilli Haat to Thyagraj Stadium that was spread in two halls still was packed with people.


4th Annual Comic Con was organized in Delhi from 7th to 9th Feb, perhaps organizers noticed the crowd from comic cons of previous year and hence decided for a bigger venue. Passes were issued on bookmyshow in advance that ranged from common daily passes of 100 rs to superfan passes of 350 rs.


The main and biggest attraction of this year’s Comic Con was undoubtedly the International guests like Mark Waid, David Lloyd, John Layman and the twins Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba who were also present in sessions for all three days and were overwhelmed by the crowd.

1546413_810037205679251_2022091551_n 1604798_810036185679353_1540949638_n 1619546_810037179012587_1502325058_n 1620523_810037102345928_1813893484_n


Unlike previous years, cosplayers were more professional and most of them had really worked hard. Although they faced a lot of problems walking around, especially the female cosplayers who were bothered by unsocial elements present in the crowd but apart from that there were some top notch cosplayers who really rocked on all three days.

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Comic Con India went big and so did the number of stalls, Indian exhibitors like Meta Desi, Abhijeet Kini, Chariot Comics, Holy Cow Entertainment were few the notable indie comics publishers along with Pop Culture, Campfire etc got a chance to shine to Comic Book scene in India to a new level. There were atleast 10 exclusive launches at Comic Con this year including Aghori 09 and 10, Stupid Guy Goes Back to India, Blind Spot, Tharu Comics, Comics For All, Magical Animals and Zombie Rising part 2.

1779209_810036029012702_1759251272_n 1904101_810036069012698_1244914827_n

Comic Con this year awarded Pran, the legendary creator of Diamond Comics, with Lifetime achievement award for his contribution in world of Indian Comics.

While comic con was a well managed even the misbehaving and arrogant crowd of Delhi was as usual at its worst, female cosplayers complained about being eve teased and so did normal non-cosplaying women. The unruly crowd even after continuously asked politely kept touching the props and even broke a few of them.

Comic Con India might be over but it promised to return with next year in a bigger and better way. Till then happy comicbookranting 😀

Movie Review: Robocop (2014)


Robocop is reboot of a franchise that no one really asked for. The original was a cult classic and doesn’t matter how much one wants to ignore the original movie while watching this one, you simply can’t.

This Robocop is a PG-13 movie compared to the R Rated original that clearly shows that producers focused solely on the profits. You’ll really enjoy it if you ignore that there used to be a classic Robocop in the 80s. Its a good movie according to the restrictions studio had put on director Joe Paldha and according to those standards this movie turns out to be good.

While one can comment Joe Paldha for trying to make something different than the original Robocop he failed miserably at certain points. The villains pose no actual threat and worse than that the original movie had henchmen who used to look like a threat are downgraded badly.

I am not a fan of tactical black suit, not because it is bad or something but because it proves to be a distraction due to bad lighting effects. While some of the classic characters are missing performance by Samuel L. Jackson is commendable, also performance by Jackie Earle Haley especially his voice work is superb. Overall this movie is a one time watch and is a good entertainment material.


3 out of 5

Deathlok coming to to Marvel’s Agents of Shield


Agents of SHIELD is slowly catching up and recently it has been confirmed that troubledrichards1 hero—Mike Peterson (played by J. August Richards)—will be introduced as none other than the infamous Deathlok!

The last time Mike Richards was seen on the show he attempted to save Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) from an explosion that resulted him missing leg, severe burns, and some fresh Centipede installments courtesy of Project Centipede!

In comics Deathlok corpse of Luther Manning who was reanimated as a cyborg in alternate future (the “future” in this case being the year 1999) by Simon Ryker – head of Roxxon Oil. Like Vision, Deathlok was originally forced to obey Ryker but slowly his emotions began to surface and was able to overcome his creator.


Since then, numerous other people have donned the name of Deathlok with slightly different back stories including John Kelly, Michael Collins, and sometimes Deathlok was just a robot (sometimes a whole army).

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” will return next week and clue us in on how they’ll be bringing Deathlok to the small screen. The real question is, which Deathlok character is this origin story going to be based off of – Luther Manning, Michael Collins, or are they doing something completely different?

Lets see how Agents of SHIELDs introduces us with Deathlok on the show.