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Movie Review- 47 Ronin


47 Ronin was supposed to release in 2012 but it kept getting delayed due to various reasons and was finally released in 2013. 47 Ronin is based on a Japanese Legend and a Graphic Novel of the same name by Dark Horse Comics that I got a chance to watch last week. This movie stars Keanu Reeves in lead role follows a tale of band of students avenging death of their master.

When the movie was announced and following the graphic novel series people were hoping that this movie will dwell into Japanese folklore.


instead it turned out to be an assortment of condiments served to confound rather than elate audience. With a budget of 225 mil all it does is turning this movie into a CGI crapfest that wastes an impressive cast and a potentially brilliant story that the directors failed to serve.


This movie fails on so many levels including character definition, emotional involvement, narrative drive and originality plus the many elaborations basically infused to please Western audiences. The costumes look less Japanese and much more Hollywood, and the scenery had just too many mountains and as usual Hollywood embellished the original legend by adding magic, mysticism, and noseless tengu swordmakers (that part was pointless, the swords they got from them even more so) Lord voldermort (Togo Igawa) will not be too happy after being portrayed as a sword crafting Monk. Keanu Reeves plays his part well, adorning himself with a furrowed brow through his low self esteem, cruel japes by other Samurai and when he confessed his love for his Lord’s daughter…… All with a furrowed brow, I believe he was attempting to see into the Matrix all the way from Ancient Japan…. Only towards the more juicy part in the story did his character (the lead protagonist) begin to get some footing.

The shape shifting Spider witch serves no real terror as the film proceeds. The extensive use of color in the entire film ends up giving audience a pukish feeling in the end. This movie could have done much better with proper display of Japanese culture but it failed due to lack of vision and failed scriptwriting.

For lovers of mindless mayhem, carnage and those who find depth in content displeasing, 47 Ronin is a good movie to watch, as it is characterized by the profundity of shallow-type Hollywood blockbusters otherwise it is a plane waste of time.

Rating – 1.5 out of 5