Thor: The Dark World movie review


Thor: The Dark World’s plot revolves around 9 realms, convergence and Aether for an average moviegoer it hardly makes any sense unless they are also a science nerd. What matters is Thor is back on big screen with hair silkier than before and still no helmet.

Thor: The Dark World’s prologue begins with a prologue that reminds of Lord of the Rings. Good guys fighting bad guys over a powerful object that if in wrong hands will destroy the world. Bad guys who seem no longer exist and everyone is living peacefully until something happens that brings the powerful bad guy back, Voldemort anyone?

Movie begins with Loki cuffed and is presented before Odin who sends him to Dungeons, while he is locked away we finally get to see Jane Foster whose whereabouts in Avengers were still not revealed. Natlie Portman didn’t want to return for the sequel and she showed this by acting as less as possible. Apparently she was angry over Marvel hiring Game of Thrones director for the sequel and while he had perfect opportunity to kill her he did not. This would have made the movie a bit more interesting, an angry Thor raged over his beloved death would have been much better to watch.


Jane Foster’s one dimensional character is outshined by Kat Dennings’s character Darcy Lewis who is funny, a bit irritating and sarcastic. Brings death to her character and proves that she is a better actor than Natlie Portman. She is better in every scene she is and this time a new addition Ian the Intern turns out the new irritating addition to the cast as well.



In The Dark World, director Alan Taylor fully embraces the fantasy elements of Asgardian lore, skillfully deploying them to play against the Earthbound segments and playing up the difference for comic relief. Taylor knows this territory very well. His fellowship on the set of HBO’s Game of Thrones does not go unnoticed here. He brings the epic reach of that fantasy series to the otherworldly parts of this film only with a much bigger budget for painting on a much larger canvas. Thor contains some of the most gorgeously rendered images in the Marvel cinematic films to date, from the majesty of Thor’s home in Asgard to a sparkling starlit funeral over Asgardian waterfalls, both melancholy and magnificent. Then to the bleak and storm-swept landscapes of Svartalfheim, home to a race of Dark Elves.


Tom Hiddleston steals the show with his infectious charm. You can see that the grin he wears for most of the film is part out of the mischievous nature of the character, and partly from the actor’s enjoyment in playing the role. He really revels in every line, not only keeping you guessing as to Loki’s loyalties, but also providing some of the movie’s truly hilarious moments.

Most of the movie takes place in Asgard unlike the first film. The confusing part was that there was no reference to how the magic rainbow bridge that was broken in the first movie has been repaired. The action scenes are good, the final battle across London and  various other realms is inventive.It just dodges the Man of Steel, two really strong people throwing each other about. The attack on Asgard and the prison is good, and Idris Elba still manages to look bad ass in gold armor and coloured contacts. There was a couple of good cameos and a stinger you didn’t have to sit through all the credits for.

This sounds too much like a negative review that it is not, I liked the movie. It was very close to the source material unlike Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. The main villain was underused for the talent he is, Marvel needs to have a villain whose name is not Loki.

Rating 4/5


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