Thor: The Dark World…Who is Malekith


Thor: The Dark World hits theaters tomorrow taking us away from Earth into other Realms where magic and science meet. This movie other than having the regular cast members has a new addition in Rogues gallery who is leader of Dark Elves Malekith played by Christopher Eccleston.

Malekith was introduced in Marvel comics during Walt Simonson’s run on The Mighty Thor in the 80s. Malekith is master of Dark Magic, probably the same magic that brought Thor on Earth in Avengers. He is fueled with revenge and wants to bring Asgard down due to an ancient rivalry and because of Thor’s affection for Earth, he threatened Midgard as well.


In his first encounter with Thor he formed an alliance between enemies of Asgard and unleashed Casket of Ancient Winters. With Malekith’s introduction again in regular Marvel Universe and Thor movie tie in books it is clear that he is more ruthless than usual with killing and slaughtering his way through all the realms. He is darker than ever and looks even angrier. His followers of Dark Elf army will kill and die on his commands.

At a point in comics he had alliance with Loki to bring back Surter. Bringing Malekith excites a lot of fans because we might get to see Surter the legendary fire demon lord in Thor threequel.

Surter or not Malekith is one powerful villain and an excellent addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ll have to wait for few more days to watch him on big screen.


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