Avengers Arena Appreciation


When Avengers Arena was first introduced in Marvel Now! a lot of fans didn’t show any interest in it, although I decided to give it a chance. Nothing can be as good to read favorite Runaways and Avengers academy characters Nico, Chase, X-23, Mettle, Hazmat and Reptil all locked into a death match in the fashion similar to the Hunger Games/Battle Royale. A starting speculation was that most of the characters are just brought in to be killed in cheap fashion only to be removed from the continuity. As the series progressed and after some character death including Darkhawk, Juston, and Nico, I realized that the series is so well written.

Each issue has something that is lacking in the other books that are currently out there, real risk. I have never been this thrilled for a comic book in a long time. The last time is probably back when X-men: Second Coming is out. This is one series that you should buy trade paperback of.

Avengers Arena goes on with giving character development to a lot of characters, forming future storylines and introducing new fan favs. This series is worth reading for once. Just check it out.


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