Movie Review: Hugh Jackman…Errr The Wolverine


Surprised about the title? Well, The Wolverine is a movie or better say whole X-Men franchise is all about Hugh Jackman. He adds his own flavor to the film and somehow has been a convincing Wolverine for a class of moviegoers, of-course people who have no idea of the source material.

Hugh Jackman is back in his sixth outing as every one’s favorite Canadian X-Man. Wolverine’s first solo adventure on the big screen turned out to be an absolute garbage. If you think about it, all of Fox’s X-Men projects are filled with flaws. The Wolverine is no exception, but it is much easier to overlook the flaws in this film than in any previous one. Is it the Wolverine that we all want? NO. It is however a good take on the character and an all around decent film.

Wolverine follows from X-Men: The Last Stand still going through the guilt that he killed Jean. He is living life of a Hermit in Canadian Rockies and then accompanies Yukio to Japan to meet an old friend. I wonder how come Wolverine still remembers him if he lost all memory in first Wolverine movie? In Japan he gets there and magically falls in love with Mariko – which didn’t come through on the big screen. Also, it was rather funny seeing a 6’2″ Jackman towering over the Japanese actors when Wolverine is really supposed to be their height or shorter.

Yuiko (Rila Fukoshima) might have been my favorite character in the film. She is hinted at being a mutant, but in the comic she isn’t. They give her this kind of precognition power, but never come right out and say she is a mutant. She does have the same epic martial arts skill as her comic counterpart and again they keep the basic essence of the character intact.


The character that they truly screw up royally is the Silver Samurai. Screwed up, but not nearly as bad as you might think. Silver Samurai is supposed to be a frickin’ mutant who has the power to charge his sword and cut through anything – accept adamantium. The comic storyline saw Wolvie go over to Japan and learn – the frickin’ way – the way of the Samurai. Not “put two hands on the sword to form blazing sword”. It was absolutely terrible!


There is absolute no use of rest of the supporting character in the film. Hugh Jackman stands above all and in process they absolutely ruin characters of Viper and Harada. Spoilers begin here so skip ahead if you still haven’t watch the film. I am irritated over his loss of adamantium claws. I feel like Fox wanted to show his bone claws, which I can understand in a movie about Logan’s vulnerability. I get it, but I don’t like it. My biggest flaw with Fox controlling the mutant franchise is the way the mess with all of the characters. Silver Samurai does not have a sword that can cut Wolverine’s claws. One of the most epic moments in Wolverine lore is when Magneto gets pissed at Logan and rips his adamantium through his pores. Wolverine without claws is like Harry Potter without his Magic Wand. And did they explain how Adamantium Robocop was going to take Wolverine’s healing power? Okay. Bore into Wolverine’s bone marrow, but does that give Yashida the mutant X-Gene which is actually the source of the power?

There is an EPIC after credit scene that sets up Days of Future Past and other than that there was nothing worth watching in the film.

My rating 2 out of 5


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