Lemire’s “Trillium” goes mindblowing.


I picked up Trillium when it came out mostly because it had Lemire’s name all over it and I’ve liked mostly everything I’ve seen his name on. I started reading it and realized the level of awesomeness the book has.

This comics contains everything that a sci-fi reader wants to read but haven’t read something breathtaking in ages. You should go for it without any second thoughts.

According to Lemire what this book offers is that

It’s two stories in the first issue. One follows the first character, who is a scientist working on a space station in the far future. The second story is a guy who’s fresh out of World War I and he’s kind of been traumatized by the experience and he’s searching for some kind of meaning in his life. He becomes an explorer in the golden age of British exploration, and he’s exploring the Amazon jungle. Those are the two different stories presented as a flip book, and in the end, in the middle of the book, those two characters meet. That’s sort of where the bigger story kicks off.

I have read first issue for like 5 times and can’t wait for the next that is said to be all about language.

Another plus point on this books is the art that is by Lemire himself. It is one of the best ever seen. The tiny and beautiful details blends in totally with two different landscapes.

Trillium is worth reading and spending your money on. Go check out the published issue now.


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