Why You Should Pick Up The Deadpool Joe Kelly Omnibus.


If you haven’t read Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool, you are not a true Deadpool fan.”

This is something every hardcore Deadpool fan would tell you. There is a reason why it is so. Joe Kelly to Deadpool is like Garth Ennis to Punisher and Matt Fraction to Hawkeye. So you aren’t a true fan until you’ve read a character at his best, that way your standards are exactly where they should be.

Marvel has announced that in October, a collection of every piece of Deadpool literature written by Joe Kelly will be collected in one gigantic book. That includes his run on the Deadpool series (issues 1 to 33, -1, and 0), The Deadpool and Daredevil annual, The Deadpool and Death annual, Baby’s First Deadpool Book, Amazing Spider-man issues 47 and 611, and his short story for Deadpool 900. That’s over 1160 pages (must be costly too.)



But then this book is worth whatever money you spend on it. Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool is probably the most under-appreciated masterpiece of it’s time. It’s the holy bible for Deadpool fans. Even those who hate the character of Deadpool would probably have a hard time hating this run. It’s THAT good.

Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run is funny, it has action and the character storytelling is simply out of proportions. The series is so well written that one simply cannot read the entire collection just once and it was Joe Kelly who wrote a Deathstroke ripoff and evolved him in a character of his own.

While the series evolves Deadpool as a character it also has a great supporting cast. You get to meet Blind Al and Weasel who is funny in his own pathetic terms. The character development that follows through the series is on levels of how Batman and Spider-Man supporting cast grew up with time. Blind Al is beautifully written, she turns out to be one person who truly cares about Wade and is not afraid of him.

Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Throughout the arc, For every one step that Deadpool takes, the world just seems to push him two steps backward. That’s probably what makes him such a lovable character. The world continues to push him down, but he refuses to let the world get the better of him.

So if you are a Deadpool fan you must check out this run, it is simply the best.


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