Movie Review: Pacific Rim


Pacific Rim is an amzing movie, unlike shit like Transformers this movie doesn’t need need you to throw your brain at home and sit in theaters enjoying mindless explosions and half clad women. This movie will bring back your childhood in best way possible especially for those who grew up watching Mecha vs Kaiju movies. The film is strong on multiple levels that will make audience love it.

I was looking forward to Pacific Rim since the day Del Toro announced it. Guillermo Del Toro is one of the best directors currently working and seeing him just go all out in a robots v. monsters film just sounds amazing. Del Toro has made this movie as a tribute to all those Godzilla films. Unlike Transformers Pacific Rim is made with lots of heart and care. This is an element that rarely exists in the average Hollywood blockbuster and I am not sure if people will give the credit it deserves.

Set in a near future where attacks by giant sea-monsters (Kaiju) are fended off by equally giant two-seater robots (Jaegers), the film kicks off with Raliegh Beckett (Charlie Hunman, Lloyd from Undeclared) losing his brother Yancy (Diego Klattenhoff, Mike from Homeland) while fighting one of these monsters, and subsequently quitting the fight against the kaiju. Years later, he is approached by his old commanding officer, Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost (LoL) who tells him the Jaeger team is being shut down and offers him one last chance to drive a giant robot in order to punch monsters in the face…

large_653605 (1)

The most magnificent part of this movie is that every frame of the film is grand in every sense. Kaijus are embraced as characters and are designed to look both scary and magnificent. Every tiny detail with each of the monster is designed with is top notch and Guillermo Navaro who is the number one director of photography in all Del Toro films makes them look breathtaking with the color palettes chosen by him. He captures minute details in every battle let it be taking on streets of Hong Kong or somewhere in Alaska. Not only the monsters look well-made and convincing, it does not feel an overabundance of horribly designed computer graphics.

Again talking about storyline, rather than giving mindless explosions and useless battle scene this film also goes for character development. This is one movie that has a worthy set of actor list along with character development in every sense. There are no stupid jokes.

The acting is well done as well, mostly for Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori, with a strong character development and backstory she turns out to be the a powerful female character. She makes the role as her own and adds sould to it. Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba were unexceptional in this movie, especially those big speeches Idris Elba kept giving in this movie. He is the man you want to hear give those big speeches. Ron Perlman also has a really funny small role in the movie. For rest you’ll have to see by yourself the levels of epicness this movie has.


Pacific Rim knows what it wants to do and does it well. The monsters are distinct, clearly presented and cool. The robots are similarly cool and have enough special weapons/abilities to give all the fights separate moments, acts and twists. The characters are all broadly drawn and have arcs that can be solved by giant robots.An epic masterpiece, unlike Michael Bay’ “big-dumb action movie” label Transformers has always claimed.


My Rating 9 out of 10


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