Continuty Issues in Avengers Arena


Avengers Arena is a spin-off from The Avengers (and sequel of sorts of Avengers Academy) created by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker as part of Marvel’s Marvel NOW iniative. Avengers Arena stars sixteen of the Marvel Universe’s teenage superheroes as they’re put onto an isolated island and forced to fight and kill each other for diabolical mastermind Arcade’s amusement.

Since the series has started there have been a few continuity issues with the series. I wonder if they are intentional or just innocent mistakes.


  • Nico casts the spell “Chill Out”, which she cast in Civil War : Runaways/Young Avenges #2. The Staff of One can only cast the same spell once and tends to have a random or negative effect when a spell is recast by doing something different. Though the effect is different, the results are very much the same. It’s very odd. This could be intentional, as she mentions her magic is not functioning properly.
  • On a similar note, despite receiving plot point power ups in Joss Whedon’s run with the kids, neither Runaway carries their new weaponry and skills into this book. This also counts as bit of Off Model as the designs for their weaponry were changed with the upgrade.
  • During a flashback in #3, Agent Brand shows Cammi a picture that has her with Nova, Drax the Destroyer, and Starlord. The problem is that Peter Quill didn’t become Starlord again until the after Cammi left.


  • Nico and Chase’s trust problems in this series are culled from Runaways volume two. In volume three, the two of them seem to bury the hatchet and have a budding relationship.
  • Within the series, the timeline and time skips have caused no end of confusion, the latest coming in #11 and really does problems to linear time. What was a clear few days for the rest of the cast was a week and a half for Hazmat and Reptil. This could be explained by the method the other kids joined the duo: magic portal. However, this would require Apex to basically be sitting around doing nothing for all the time in between.

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