Movie Review: Man Of Steel


Man of Steel released last week and while it was one of the most hyped movie of 2013 it didn’t turn out as it was supposed to be. In fact this movie is so dark that it feels that one is watching Batman Beings with new characters.

The movie flows around in a nonlinear storyline. Flashbacks and more flashbacks are enough to make audience confused at times. The supporting cast comprising of talented actors is underutilized and go through no character development at all unlike Alfred, Lucious Fox and James Gordon went through in first Batman movie.

Mostly I’ll blame this on Goyer’s poor scriptwriting and handling the characters. He fails to handle the Supporting cast even after his experience of working with Nolan on Batman trilogy and the way Fox, Godron and Alfred were connected to Batman and Bruce Wayne, Man of Steel’s supporting cast just seems to be thrown around in random just for the sake of it. Clark is 33 when Jor-El suggests him to take mantle of Superman and that’s it, there is no momentum or reason that actually shows why Clark needs to put on that suit.


Apart from this Pa Kent’s character is handled beautifully, he turns out into non-sarcastic, non-humorous version of Alfred, being protective as hell for his son trying to keep him away from the world that he fears won’t accept and might harm him. His relationship with Clark is handled is an amazing way but in process Ma Kent’s character and her relation with Clark is not handled at all.

Certain parts in this movie are way too long and lengthy that could have been shortened, Jor-El’s role is too confusing at times but Russel Crowe does a brilliant Job as Kal-El’s biological father. As per acting everyone shines in their own way. Henry Cavil turns into if not a great then quite good Superman for present day, For Clark Kent’s role we might need to wait till the sequel comes. Michael Shannon is menacing as General Zod and he looks like he was perfect for the role. Amy Adams as Lois Lane is disappointing and rest of the cast is on their best. Kevin Costner is the cocaine of this movie who is can bring out tears.


The action scenes are too awesome, 2nd half of the movie is full of action sequences that give no room for any further story. The fight scenes are breathtaking and fast, few of them as you imagined while reading your favorite comic books. Although the CGI is not so perfect but you can ignore parts where actors are replaced by CG ones.


Man of Steel even after being too dark is nowhere close to Snyder’s best works like Watchmen and 300 and not at all close to Dark Knight trilogy movies. While overall I loved this movie but it didn’t feel like a true Superman movie. There are plotholes in this one too but every movie has them. We all know what is his weakness, who is his love interest and a lot of scenes could have been shortened or edited. Zak Snyder’s hardwork shows and I hope that he gets all the credits for this movie and not like all credit goes to Mr. Nolan himself.

Overall this movie is a good time entertainer but not something like The Dark Knight or Avengers that someone will like to watch it again and again.

Final Rating 3 out of 5


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