The Future of Marvel Ultimate Universe

ul Ever since Marvel Now! started fans have been questioning if Marvel has forgotten their Ultimate Universe.

Here is what Rich Johnson suggested for the Ultimate Lineup with possible exception being Ultimate Spider-Man

San Diego Comic Con is expected to bring us the Matt Fraction/Inhumans news, as well as a couple of major Ultimate Universe announcements, one of which may see Brian Wood wrapping his Ultimate X-Men run towards the end of the year. But if there is some finality to the Ultimate line, expect Ultimate Spider-Man to continue…



If this rumor is true then it will be something well expected by fans for a long time. Let whatever be the reason despite the fact that a lot of Movie source material has been taken from Ultimate Universe characters but on the same hand apart from Ultimate Spider-Man most of the book sales are dropping

If they were going to end the universe should at Ultimatum. The line been dead since then with final nail coffin for me to even care was death of ultimate spider-man.


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