Meet the first (future) female Green Lantern

GreenLantern20Writer Geoff Johns recently ended his almost ten year journey with DC Comics’ Green Lantern and with the end of the series in Green Lantern #20 and closed the chapter beautifully along with adding certain possibilities to the mythos.

There have been 5 Green Lanterns from Earth but we never got a female one despite when The Green Lantern Corps is an institution that spans, gender, race, species, as well as the universe.

Jade, the daughter of non-Corps affiliated Green Lantern Alan Scott (in pre-reboot continuity), was given a spare power ring by Kyle at one point and served as a GL of Earth.But once her normal powers were returned to her she didn’t need a GL ring any longer. The ring didn’t choose her.

To show the GL legacy would live on, in the pages of Green Lantern #20, Johns went on to mark a few beats in the future of several Lanterns. We witness a scene between Simon and the arm of a Lantern named Jessica paired with a narrator saying, “He was ultimately responsible for training the first female ring bearer of Earth — Jessica Cruz — a controversial figure herself who came into possession of her ring in the wake of the Justice League’s death.”

Who is Jessica Cruz and what does a Justice League death entail? That remains to be seen but it looks like Jhons has planned something big with the future of DC comics, Green Lantern and Justice League mythos.


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