3 Pros And 1 Con Of Matthew Vaughn Not Directing X-MEN: Days of the Future Past

When director, Matthew Vaughn informed that he is out of the director’s chair for X Men: Days of the future Past. A lot of people were heart broken by this development, but it made me feel better. While I liked First Class fine.The film was good for an action movie, but as an X-Men movie it was crap.

1. Matthew Vaughn already said that he didn’t care about the source material. This is a guy on record for stating he could give a sh* about the comic books. He only did this movie because he wanted to make a Bond type movies. At-least elements in X3 were truer than that in First Class. There were chances that if he continued things would have gotten messed up.


2. Better character development is something X-Men First Class really lacked in.Michael Fassbender was great as Eric, and his stuff with James McAvoy’s Xavier is pretty good. But look what happened to Emma Frost. Sebastian Shaw practically twirls a mustache, he’s such a cliché bad guy with a corny scheme. Moira MacTaggart wanders through the movie looking lost. And the first class of kids. Bryan Singer would give us better character development.

3. Back to basics. At its core, this thing should always be about societal issues- that’s X-Men at its best. People credit Chris Nolan for take Batman and comics to a realistic universe, but I argue that Bryan Singer’s grounded approach to X-Men was first. He pitted the characters ina world with real consequences and public reaction. And still managed to honor the comics. From the mutant registration act, to God Loves, Man Kills.This is the worst case scenario our heroes can face under the attack of persecution.



The new movie was fresh: What happens to the setting? Are we tied back to bland costumes? So here’s the thing about Singer. In hindsight, in some ways, he can be blamed for getting X-Men off to the wrong foot right from the start. Wolverine is too tall and pretty, Cyclops is second-string and don’t get me started on Rogue and Storm. Matthew Vaughn succeeded in showcasing a new perspective on these characters and this world. If Vaughn were to stay on, at the very least, we could see where his vision is going. I mean, it’s hard to complain about old continuity when a new continuity could develop into something great, too.



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