Trade paperback ruining comic book sales

Lot of publishers complaining about comic book sales being down, there are reasons for the same. Not only with quality of the stories and art , but a lot more.


In past few years, There is a trend in my favorite titles. The days of the single-issue story were gone replaced with single story arcs taking exactly 6 issues to run

Eventually, people started to skip some titles completely just to wait for the TPB, that makes more sense with an entire story to read in six months.

Even though I love certain titles, they make me wait for six months for a story to end and then two to three months for paperback to release. On the same hand the publishers can put out the title twice and year and make the same money.


Publishers blaming the loss of monthly sales should consider that casual comic readers no longer have a jumping-on point in most titles. there are lot of arcs where people simply get confused about whats going on when they hit middle of the story.


It’s more easy to read all six parts of a story in one sitting, but is that fair to the monthly readers? I don’t think so.


Originally, those trade paperbacks were called “graphic novels”, and they were stories that you couldn’t buy anywhere else. Stories like The Death of Captain Marvel, X-Men: God Loves…Man Kills, and others were available only as a TPB, and it drove sales to it. They were thick, had detailed artwork, and worth every penny. If publishers have so many six-part stories floating around waiting in line for a TPB, why not bring back the graphic novel as an art form? Give us those stories in one chunk in one sitting, and put it out there as we’ve never seen it before. Give us alternatives to the monthly stories. I’d be willing to pay $25 or more for one of those meaty stories, and it would build excitement for it because it’s not something we’d already seen on the shelves. For now, we’re just recycling the same stories.



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