Why HELLBOY 3 Needs To Happen


I’m a big Hellboy fan.I was blown away by the first Hellboy film. Hellboy is like if you have Wolverine, Hulk, and Spider-Man into one. He can be funny and joke at times, he can be savage and just go off at times, and he is misunderstood and not accepted at times just because he is different. Hellboy also has a dark past like Batman, Wolverine and others.

Perlman is 62 years old right now. I don’t want Perlman to get too old to play Hellboy. Perlman as Hellboy is like Christian Bale with Kevin Conroy’s voice. Perlman has portrayed Hellboy in everything Hellboy related. Live action films, animated films, video games, Make-A-Wish dreams, Perlman was Hellboy. The man is Hellboy and we should have him portray Hellboy one last time, to end the trilogy before it’s too late.

Lobster Johnson did not appear in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army because Mike Mignola’s wish to remain true to the character’s origin. Del Toro suggested that Johnson may appear in Hellboy III and that he wants Bruce Campbell to play him. Campbell voiced The Lobster as the secret character in Hellboy: Science of Evil video game which Del Toro worked on. Having The Lobster in Hellboy 3 would be amazing and having Campbell play him would only make it better.

While some fans didn’t like this, I enjoyed it. I know that Liz and Hellboy have more of a brother-sister  relationship in the comics but I liked how they were lovers in the movies. It adds depth to Hellboy and shows a more human element to him. While I was shocked, you can’t tell me you would want to know what their twins would look like.


One reason as to why Hellboy 3 is expensive is because everything has been leading up to this, Hellboy his facing his destiny. Hellboy is supposed to be the destroyer of the world. He has been fighting this throughout the film series. We see a lot of elements of this in the first film and some smaller elements of this in the second film. Having Hellboy face his destiny and wondering what will happen would be one epic story and of course one would need money to create.



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