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Thor, the Mighty Avenger: A Must Read.


The comic book business is a cruel thing to get into. While we’d love to believe that quality will win out, unfortunately, no matter how critically acclaimed a series may be, it’s the amount of money the book brings in that determines its survival.

This, I waited too long to try out what turned out to be one of my favourite titles ever.

Thor, the Mighty Avenger, is not one of the best Thor comics around and it’s one of the best comics Marvel has ever released. The book is not in continuity and is a stand-alone re-telling of Thor’s early days on earth. Some details have changed; for example, Jane Foster works as a museum curator. But other things stay the sam

The action is secondary in this title, though it is certainly there, as the main theme of the story is the relationship between Jane and Thor. This is perhaps the happiest Thor I’ve ever seen, and it is very refreshing.

So why did such awesome book die?  It was lot of factors, and you can blame Marvel for all of them.

The book came out as a second Thor on-going tittle, and previews were so confusing that it left readers wondering if it was in continuity or not.  Maybe later somewhere it was cleared, but first impression is last impression and what happened here.

Finally, Marvel didn’t really give the book a chance.  The book was getting critical acclaim, and it was around the time #6 came out that fans were starting to take notice.  Unfortunately, by the time I got to my store to support the book around #8, it was too late, the plug had been pulled.

You will be doing yourself a favour if you track this series down in the back issue bins or as tpbs.  Then let Marvel know that you want the final four issues of this landmark series.


Why Man of Steel Could Be One of the Best Superhero Movies of All Time

Superman is for sure the greatest superhero ever so in the age of Comic Book Movies dominating the box office Man of Steel needs to prove that and here is why Man of Steel will be one of the best superhero movies ever.


Henry Cavill As Superman


A lot criticism was carried on about Zack Snyder casting a British actor as the very all American character of Superman. But with time it turned out that Cavill was born to play Superman. Concerns American accent and all doesn’t matter to me. He has dedicated him self to the role working out tirelessly, and it really shows when he puts on the suit.

Bow to Zod

Another reason why Man of Steel will be successful is because of the villain, Zod. Last time we saw Zod on the big screen was in 1980’s Superman 2. Zod is a great villain because he has the same powers as Superman. Anything Superman can do Zod can plus Zod has more experience in the battlefield. It will be interesting to see a conflict where Superman will have to use his brains over powers.

Superman will ‘kick ass’ in this film.


As critically acclaimed the first two Superman films are, however they are light on action. same is problem with Superman Returns. However, Snyder has expressed interest in showing Superman’s true power, and confirms that he will indeed ‘kick some ass’. From trailers only it sounds interesting.

The Supporting Cast


Snyder has managed to assemble a perfect set of supporting cast members for the almost other wise unknown Cavill. From Russell Crowe to Amy Adams there is no lack of talent in the movie. We were shown just how good Crowe, Clark’s biological father Jor-El, and Kevin Costner, his adoptive father Jonathan Kent, are going to be when the first trailer was released. When the second trailer was released we got to see how sweet and loving Diane Lane will be as his adoptive mother Martha. And while we haven’t really got to see much of Adams as Lois Lane I have high hopes for her. This makes the movie worth speculating.

Open up possibilities for future villains to finally make the big screen.

we’d all love to see other well-known villains of Superman hit the big screen (Brainiac, Darkseid, Doomsday, etc). Also, considering the interest in putting out a film adaptation of ‘The Death Of Superman’ (one of which, Superman Lives, was very close to pre-production and even had a teaser poster when it was canceled), I can see Warner Bros. wanting to bring Doomsday in a sequel (especially after the success of the Superman: Doomsday animated film released back in 2007), and the story would be an incredible live action film.