The Stupidity Of Cancelling YOUNG JUSTICE

Warner Brothers is really started to become annoying by cancelling and sending excellent shows hiatus without any reason.DC Nation

I love DC Comics for the fact that they are doing excellent works in the field of animation. unfortunately the studio heads over at Warner Brothers have no Idea what they are doing. They cancelled Young Justice GL:TAS to make room for a Batman show and another Teen Titans show is more profitable, but they forget that its just plain idiotic.

They are bringing Teen Titans back in chibi form is even worse. It brings the fear of them using more annoying anime tropes that is plain non sense. The shorts for the “Teen Titans Go” were good as they were, and should be good enough for kids now and those nostalgic for the original.

beware the batman

Young Justice has been a great show so far, and has really been on the level of B:TAS and The Justice League and JLU series. Am I the only one who is sick and tired of Batman animated shows. There isn’t much else you can do with the character. The perfect animated series was the one from the 90’s and every iteration since has tried to copy it or go in a completely different direction.

teen-titans Teen-Titans-Go-Cartoon-NetworkThere are plenty of other DC properties that can be made into TV show. Warner Brothers! Do you want to know why only your Batman movies are making money? Why only Nolan can get money for you guys? You have put yourself in a position to where people think Batman is the only DC character that actually matters. Please WB learn how to handle comic book franchise adaptations.


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