COMICS: The Superiorly Creepy Spider-Man *Spoiler Alert*

After reading Spider-Man #700, I thought, “Ok, it’s super creepy that Ock gets to have a relationship with MJ without her ever knowing it’s not really Peter, and the ending is really cheesy.” The end of the Spider-Man we know and the age of a new Spider-Man. Think it would have been better to have Peter win in the end, but whatever.


Superior Spider-Man #1 happened. IMO the biggest cop-out I have ever read in comic history.

First off, Ock’s creepy way of talking about how he’s gonna get some from MJ in the book is quite freaking creepy and if it goes any further it would be super stupid. Another problem I have with this is that Ock keeps going out of character especially towards MJ and his attitude towards her goes from “I love you MJ” to “Shut up woman.” How does she not notice that?

Let’s focus on what this means for Spider-Man. So Ock takes Spider-Man to a level he’s never been before. He doesn’t hold back or play nice. He has no problem with going in and killing a super villain.Peter makes sacrifices again and again. Always checking his spider strength to ensure he doesn’t kill anyone, and Jonah despises him. Yet, when Spider-Man rips off the jaw of Scorpion Jonah’s like, “Hey, great job. Knew you had it in you kid.” What is this!?

So now Peter is back as a “ghost” like conscience fighting to take back control of his body.This sucks even more. I would rather see Peter dead, than have Peter have to sit in the passenger seat of his body while Ock ruins the name of Spider-Man,

I hope this nightmare is corrected with time whatever it takes. Rebosuperior-spider-man Superior_spiderman_1ot or Retcon.


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