My Experience with 3rd Annual Comic Con India


3rd Annual Comic Con was organized in Delhi as 3 day event that ran from 8th Feb to 10 Feb 2013 at Delhi haat. The event for us comic book fans was out of this world as usual, after all this is the only event that provides us with a platform to show our love for comic books and who are part of this sub culture.

This year’s Comic Con India was more commercialized in terms of merchandize instead of as usual focus on artists and creators. There were less comic books, less merchandize, lesser focus on the creaters and more T-shirts. There were T-Shirts and a lot of T-Shirts. I have no idea what is need of having so many T-Shirt selling companies who have nothing to do with Comic Books.

Delhi Haat as usual served as the venue for this event as well and from what I think is they should get another big space to handle the crowd next year. Also I have no idea why sell Manchester United and Metal T-Shirts at convention when the event is called Comic Con. Cosplay this year was better and improved than previous times and for me it was the best part of the event. Girls and kids specially were too excited to get clicked with Wolverine and Superman and rest of the folks.

 Fans came dressed as comics characters were main attraction as usual. This time Comic Con India had 5 categories to increase one’s chances of winning gifts. Each day, one winner was chosen from each of five categories –
1. Comic book/Graphic novel
2. Animated Series/ Movie
3. Manga/Anime
4. Sci-Fi/ Fantasy
5. Gaming
And, One lucky winner out of the chosen 5 each day WON a TRIP to the Middle East Film & Comic Con to be held in Dubai in April.

Meeting Top Cow Production’s Matt Hawkins was the greatest pleasure of my life. It was just awesome. Its been so long since I got introduced to Top Cow Comics then slowly Witchblade and Cyberforce became my favorite.One stall that got my interest was Collectors Heritage which was selling famous merchandize from different movies but again the merchandize was too much costly for an average fanboy like me.

It was nostaligic for meet Neel Debdutt Paul, the editor of Tinkle Magazine. So many childhood memories flashed in my mind. It was also cool to meet Anant Singh from Campfire Graphic Novels. Also met Sandeep Kini, the creator of Angry Maushi and the acclaimed Holy Cow artist Vivek Goel.

After some 5 hours of fun and meeting lot of friends we returned from there. I just loved being there and I can’t wait for next Comic Con to happen.


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