A Guide to Comic Con India New Delhi.


Comic Con India starts this Friday and will run from 8th to 10th feb 2013 at Dilli Haat between 12 noon to 7 PM evening, New Delhi. The event is a mega gathering of all comic book lovers and in case you are wondering what the event is then here are some things that you should know before coming here.

Comic Con has a lot of features and sections when you visit here divide your time for enough to visit the whole event properly without missing anything. Also you don’t need to complete each section in single day only. Event will go on for 3 days so take your time and enjoy as much you can.

This year’s Comic Con is unique in its own sense as some famous publications like Top Cow, Self Made Hero, Fantagraphics and few more are coming exclusively in this event. Other than this there is a lot to check out and enjoy. Let’s check out each in short.

Cosplay: Any comic con is incomplete without cosplayers and this is the place where you can be your favorite comic book character without any hesitation.  Comic Con India gives assured prizes to every cosplayers including a golden ticket to five winners and get them chance to visit Dubai Film and Comic Con 2013. The other awards are being costume in Comic book/Graphic novel, Animated Series/Movie, Manga/Anime, Sci Fi/Fantacy and Gaming. Cosplay is a lot of fun so when visiting do try something.

International presence: The big news is that Top Cow publications is going to be present at this year’s Comic Con. Matt Hawkins CEO Top Cow is going to be here and many international artists will take special sessions at the event. World famous Iranian artists and cartoonist Khalil and Amir will be here as special guests who are also authors of graphic novel Zehra’s paradise.

Merchandize: After cosplay Merchandize is the biggest attraction that can go for at Comic Cons. There will be toys, action figures, posters, t-shirts, magnets and anything you wish for. I am already on pocket money saving mode so that I can loot as much as I can. Comic Con India will also announce the launch of its own online store called pop cracker which will be a platform for Comics, Graphic Novels, Action Figures and other merchandizes.

Artist’s Ally: Artist’s ally is the latest attraction added to the event. It will feature a lot of famous artists and illustrators working in this field. There will special sessions held by artists and publishers so if you are an enthusiasts don’t miss it.

New title launch : A lot of exclusive new titles are going to be launched at Comic Con India including Vimanika comics’ War of the Independents 3rd issue and Holy cow entertainment’s Skull Rosary. Also Satya Police written by Mohit Srivastav and Gagandeep Kocha,r last year’s winner of Comic Con India grant

Fun Activities: There are many other fun activities organized at the spot which includes games, quizzes and much more. This time Amar Chitrakatha will be organizing some fun events for children and adults.

Comic Con 2013 a bring a lot with it. Hope to see you there.


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