History of Indrajal Comics


Indrajal comics was launched in In March 1964 by the publisher of The Times of India, Bennet, Coleman & Co. Early issues were only The Phantom stories, but later they started publishing Mandrake, Flash Gordon, and Buz Sawyer.

Indrajal Comics started with a monthly schedule. The format was with 16-20 pages of main story and then 5 to 10 pages about general Knowledge and stuff. In 1981with issue #385 Indrajal Comics changed to a weekly schedule that lasted until 1989. The front cover design was also changed to unique Indrajal banner.  In the late 80s, two Indian characters Dara, the prince of the spies and Aditya, the man from nowhere were introduced.

Indrajal comics was one of the most popular comics along with Chandamama, Tinkle and Champak. The issues used to be 30-44 pages. It has passed hands from one generation to the other.

In late 90s the readership started to fall down and now not many kids know about it. While some families still have the issues locked away rest only have memories.


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