007 James Bond Skyfall review


Skyfall the latest 007 movie came out last year and here is the review for it. 007 is the pioneer of action genre for a long time and being the longest franchise in film history it needs to prove why it should continue to be one. Each film has the burden of justifying its existence to the audiences, specially the modern ones.

Although I hated the fact that trailers spoiled the opening but I guess they had no intention of keeping it secret. Even so, between the lack of the iconic gun barrel shot and the spoiled pre-title sequence, it wasn’t the best way to open the movie.

Every Bond movie, regardless of the generation, with expectation that is only broken twice or thrice,only in small proportions. Sam Mendes as director added a lot of skills to the movie from the start. The gadgets, girls, guns, cars, wit, drinks, exotic locations and grand action sequences well designed and planned. This one is a classic Bond movie made to fit well with current generation’s moviegoers.

Javier Bardem plays “Raoul Silva”, a former Mi6 agent and technological terrorist who has a personal vendetta against M. In the 90s, he was tortured to madness afterbeing traded for 5 other agents. As a villain he was great, menacing and creepy as hell – a great callback to Francisco Scaramanga, Alec Trevelyn, and James Bond from “The Man With The Golden Gun” novella. The backstory he provides Bond with when they first meet and then the first confrontation with M were simply crazy.

While there were Bond girls but here the woman he devotes the most attention and affection for is M. The women of this generation are portrayed as intelligent, not as supermodels clad in bikinis with eastern European accents. Naomie Harris may not be Bond’s equal out in the field, but she is equally competent. M is kind of a maternal figure for Bond which was even said in previous film. She represents integrity, her values and philosophy that her own government believes to old-fashioned. In this, she fits perfectly with the central theme of the movie, and is probably the most relevant “Bond Girl” to date, if she could be called that.


Back in days the only equipment Bond was ordered to carry on his assignments was a Walther PPK, replacing his Beretta. Later Q team equipped 007 with all kinds of gadgets that were disguised to look like any other object with a nasty or useful surprise inside. Cars were armed machine guns, rockets, oil slicks, and even a passenger ejector seat. But this generation again goes the old school, for good. Bond gets a palm-printed Walther which only he can fire, as well as a simple radio distress beacon. One cute easter egg is the return of the Aston Martin from “Goldfinger” towards the end. As for Q  although I think he was miscast but I still consider his importance of being younger in this story.

Skyfall is a brilliant, brilliant addition to the franchise, one of the best movies of the series, easily one of the best movies of the year and also the best way conceivable to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this national treasure. Lets just hope they don’t keep us waiting for another 4 years!


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