Things wrong with Amazing Spider-Man #700



The 700th and final issue of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man gave us the outcome of the body-switching Dying Wish storyline revealed last month in issue #698. Doctor Octopus’s mutated and badly beaten body, with Peter Parker’s consciousness stuck inside, died.

So Spider-Man is kinda dead.

So now its Peter Parker’s body with Doc-Ock’s mind and so he is from now onwards Superior Spider-Man. So while shifting the character change on the biggest and in the lamest way possible I came up with few issues.

1.I got no money for writing this post: How stupid is that?

2.Hype of the biggest level: Comic books, these days hype some event like that is the greatest thing going to happen, this is the way comic book companies attract mainstream non-nerds. This hype becomes stupid and boring for regular readers after a while.

3. Price Tag: I mean $7.99? That too where story is not even for half page. That makes some 500 Indian Rupees, that is way too much for a comic book.

4. Nothing more bad and heartbreaking than ending a series after 700 issues:  #700 looks cool on cover but in reality it is just plain harsh. A successful run of 700 issues is a great accomplishment.

5. Say no to Dark Spider-Man: Spider-Ock refuses to hold back, he is harsh and even knocked Scorpion’s jaw out. This sounds cool and stupid at the same time.


6. Ok Octopus’ consciousness in Spider-Man’s body: Otto switched bodies with Peter and now he is haunted by Peter’s memories that apparently brought a change of heart in him. Now Spock or Spider-Ock is on way to become Superior Spider-Man.

But he is still a bad guy, Spider-Man fans have taken all kind of crap from Marvel in form of One More Day and The Clone Saga but this will simply take away people’s interest away from Spidey comics.

7. Crazy Fanboys: How plain stupid is to send death threats to a writer for killing off a fictional character. If you want to protest stop buying his comics books but sending someone death threats on internet is uncalled for.

8. This issue is simply boring and annoying and confusing:  Peter Parker is the Spider-Man and always will be, no delusional mad scientist can take his place.


To put the mind of a psychotic, washed-up mad scientist – and a senior citizen to boot – in the body of one of the world’s greatest super-heroes is, at best, a risky move, but expecting the public to accept this new status quo as permanent? That is just plain arrogant of Marvel. Say what you will about comic book fans, but we’re not all stunted men-children living in our parents’ basement – and we’re not all willing to dance to whatever tune Marvel Comics feels like playing for us.


9.  Beware Rant coming.

Why is Silver Sable in Peter’s heaven when he was told she’s still alive?

Why did his clothes change in the dream?

Does Peter seriously think Ben would kick him out for letting him die?

So Doc Ock gets goaded on by J. Jonah Jameson, really?

Why doesn’t Carlie believe Ock when he says he answers her questions about Spider-Man?

Sanjani looks like a ten year old.

It’s spelled “dawdling”.

Robbie and Urich look ten years younger.

No Betty Brant in the “Loved Ones” group.

The Avengers security system recognizes Spider-Man as soon as “he” says it will.

Gargan thinks Aunt May is “lovely”.


What’s Ock’s end goal here after he beats Spidey?

Those are really it. It was an entertaining issue for the most part, and were this anything other than the 700th and the final I’d roll over some problems. However there are some central ones that cause me to pause.

*Rant Ends*

Still I’ll be waiting for Superior Spider-Man. I guess Peter Parker will be back before The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters. Lets see, after all no one stays dead in comic book.  8312663221_f7855aac0c


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