Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Season 2 Review


Avengers EMH completed its first season and thanks to that I just finished watching the 2nd and sadly last season of the Animated Series.


I’ve been a long time Avengers fan and it was an awesome experience to see some of the stories that were brought to life on TV. The way 40 years of saga was weaved into a single storyline was really impressive.

The introduction to Miss Marvel was really impressive, teasing Superhero registration act was another good thing they went with. It was really awesome the way they developed Black Panther and Captain Marvel for the series and then introduced Surter and Beta Ray Bill in a short lived subplot which thanks to series’ cancellation is never going to be completed. Other plot about Secret Invasion and Welcome to Kree Empire was pretty well done and took its time to shine.  The way they handled Vision and showed his power in two episodes was seriously effective. Introducing Spider-Man along with Avengers was again like a dream come true, his introduction and then bringing him and New Avengers turned out few of the best episodes in the series.


Despite all the great stories show had its own issues; the animation was not of the top notch that other shows are running around with. Certain stories especially the finale was forced upon and number of stories rushed into one. Also changing Nick Fury to The Ultimate Nick Fury was never explained.



I think season one was much more stable in terms of storyline and pacing as it was weaved around a single plot but in season two they had to handle so many issues along with it. Red Hulk’s introduction was another forced subplot introduced in the series along with Winter Soldier’s arc, I never found them very much satisfying.

May be the reason being change of authority Jeph Leob whose opinion was that doing two part episodes for a story not being a good idea and all episodes of the series should have a single part story. This resulted that after mid season from where Leob took over single story in an episode became all about force feeding a baby.

Although we got 52 episode of an epic Avengers animated series but still it is disappointing to cancel this show for Avengers Assemble which may start by this fall and I really hope I’ll be able to enjoy the show as I did with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.



Best Episodes of the series

Ep23 – New Avengers: Kang Returns and so get introduced the New Avengers, talk about Spidey’s humor and him picking on Wolverine. The episode was A-Grade

Ep 13 – Along Came a Spider: Awesome plot where Spider-Man was introduced.


Ep5 – To Steal an Ant Man: Hank Pym gives up, Scott Lang takes over and we get to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist, what can one ask for more.

Ep19 – Emperor Stark : Showing Vision powers and capabilities in an effective way

Ep26 – Avengers Assemble: Little bit forced but still powerful episode to end the series.


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