Amadeus Cho:the smartest person in Marvel Comics Earth

Amadeus Cho is the side kick of Hercules.

Now starring alongside Herc in “Incredible Hercules”, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, Cho has become a real stand out as far as lasting new comic heros.

A boy genius by trade, Amadeus is the 7th smartest person in the world, with the amazing ability of doing real-time high-complex math on the fly – essentially letting him do something as impossible as (for example) flick a bottle cap at an assault chopper, and somehow hit it in just the right way to muck up it’s systems and have it crash. (He hasn’t done that in particular, but don’t think he couldn’t!)

First Cho attached himself to the Hulk, finding a friend in the gentle green giant. Yet it would be short-lived, as the Hulk’s latest “Hulk-Out” left Cho rooting for the wrong guy. (See “World War Hulk” for details)

Along the way Cho got another new role model – in that of Hercules! The two have been crossing the Marvel Universe, getting into all sorts of trouble, and creating one of the best buddy comics around.
Simply one of Marvel’s BEST titles – I would suggest you check out Incredible Hercules. Cho has stepped up to become one of the best new characters of the Marvel U, and you’d be remiss to miss out on Hercules many acts of daring do.

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