Review: Ramayan 3392 AD

Ramayan 3392 A.D. was Created by Deepak Chopra and Shekahr Kapur in 2007 under Virgin Comics Imprint, the graphic novel attempts to transcend the boundaries of normal storytelling into this visual medium. Ramayan 3392 AD is something trance mixed to the imagination of class apart. Ramayan and Mahabharat are not just great stories – they form the backdrop to the rich tapestry of greatest mythology there is – Indian mythology.

The plot begins with a post apocalyptic world and only two Nations remain. One in the North where the last of humanity dwells, and the other in the South filled with a race of Asuras. The South is led by Ravan, a demonic ruler bent on taking over what little is left of the world. The North is ruled by a magnificent city called Armagarh,led by a man who has four sons. Rama eldest of his four sons is the hero of the story and is recognizable by his blue skin.

The story is mainly about Rama’s journey while battles an exile and a fate-filled quest involving his duty to protect a beautiful maiden who is the key to the world’s salvation. There are plots within plots centered around the four brothers and the struggle between good and evil in the North and South. As the novel ends the story changes about Rama’s family who try to reclaim the throne.

One of the reasons that this series is a legend going is a worthy graphic novel to pick up, is because the artwork is really stunning. The cover art was created by legendary artist Alex Ross, and the interior pages were designed by a team of artists and colorists including Abhishek Singh, Satish Tayade, Ashwin Chikerlir, and K. Sampath Kumar. From a high-tech futuristic city to a post-apocalyptic ravaged land, the technique used to visualize this epic tale mixes traditional pen-and-ink styles with innovative uses of color.

For anyone interested in reading Graphic Novels related to Indian Mythology this series is a must, after all it changed the way Indian comic book industry is today


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