Follow now; Yenny- The Mighty Titan

For most comics are an escape; a way to remove themselves temporarily from their own reality and immerse in a fictional reality
of someone else’s creation. Sometimes, we’re drawn to stories that in some way reflect our own struggles and obstacles. And more often than not, creators and writers draw from their own experiences and pour it into their fictional world. Because sometimes, reality is the best source of inspiration for fiction.

Joe Martino, writer/creator of Shadowflame and Ripperman, just launched a Kickstarter project called The Mighty Titan, the story of a superhero who is told he has cancer. Joe said it best: “Isn’t this the perception that we all have when not touched by cancer? We are all under the belief that we are invulnerable.  Aren’t we all someone’s protector? Aren’t we all everything to someone?  Not until that lump, or pain, or (un)lucky scan.” Joe started working on this a few years back as he battled his first bout of kidney cancer.

More so than ever before, this is a phenomenal project to invest in and Joe has less than a month to get this first issue out there. Cancer is a virus that has affected us all somehow; either we know someone who has been affected, or we hear about it in the news, or we ourselves may have suffered at the hands of this un-discriminatory evil.


My verdict: Get your copy now!!!



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