Hypocrisy of DC comics’ fanboys

The Dark Knight Rises came out and went, didn’t did that magic like the previous movies did, and the time when I felt how hypocrites and shallow are DC comics fanboys, no different than those working at that company.

This was the third Batman movie by Christopher Nolan and is supposed to be the last, of which I am not sure because chances are that he may return for a reboot and spoil Batman’s stories once again. Dc comics are not going to give a Justice League movie, neither a decent Green Lantern movie right now nor they have such plans to do so in future.  There is hope that they are going to do Superman right.

In past few years Superman didn’t got any decent storyline as all the love and attention after Batman begins went to Detective Comics only which Action comics kept coming out with average stories and nothing more than that. Today a average reader who goes to buy DC comics knows only Batman and because of that he knows Justice League. These average movie retards think that DC comics publish only Batman and there is no need to make other movies because they are not cool, too lame and not realistic.

A comic book company should make movies to sell its comic books and get new readers, but in case of DC comics vice versa is happening and other than Detective Comics all of them have average sales record while Marvel is reaching new heights day by day. One must not ignore its other characters just because one of them is more popular than others. Marvel never ignored any of its characters just to popularize and sell one.  DC fanboys simply accept anything that they get and they know that they are never going to get a Justice League movie ever so they are pitching in with Batman series. Something is better than nothing it seems.


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