The Amazing Spider-Man Review

There is no doubt in my mind that it’s difficult to even watch this movie without thinking about the original that came out 10 years ago. But I think it’s better to go into this film,without comparing it with earlier ones. When the reboot was first announced I was not sure about what Sony and co. can do with Spider-Man this time around. After watching the trailers I was sort of convinced, also with the addition of the cast I thought,it shouldn’t be too bad.

I finally got to see the movie few days back, in my opinion it wasn’t perfect anyway.Cast was ok, Andrew Garfield did a fantastic job as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He was able to balance the nerdy, dramatic version of the character, being a wise ass as Spider-Man. Bringing in some witty one liners. Emma Stone is great as Gwen Stacy, between her and Garfield they have great chemistry together. As for the other characters, Captain Stacy, Uncle Ben and Aunt May, you got yourself a pretty good cast here among Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field. Now onto my gripes about the movie.

Pacing was slightly off, looks like a bunch of the dialogue in the trailers where cut out of the final produc. The main problem was the story, plot elements in the first 45 minutes of the movie is the same as the original just with minor tweaks. Dr. Curtis Connors/Lizard portrayed by Rhys Ifans is good, but the character really wasn’t that interesting, as for the final look of The Lizard he looked okay, nothing spectacular they should have kept the snout which would have made him look more scary.

Overall a pretty average reboot. Hopefully the story behind Peter’s parents is explored a little bit more in the upcoming sequel. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good movie, but as a reboot, it’s just.. okay. I’ve seen this in IMAX 3D by the way and it was good, but I recommend you watch in 2D.




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