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Did Darwin really died in X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class was the best X-Men film so far. Vaughn caught the essence of the X-Men closer then Singer and Ratner. Now one thing that pissed me off was that they killed Darwin in his forth scene.

As I watched the movie I kept thinking, maybe Darwin will come back but he didn’t.  Darwin first appeared in X-Men Deadly Genesis I became a huge fan of him. So to kill a mutant who’s mutation is to adapt to servive is pretty remedial, in that situation Darwin could have teleported like he did when he was fighting the Hulk or solidified or even absorbed the energy.

I watched First Class a second time I couldn’t help but notice that Darwin’s explosion was a “bit” abnormal and I can’t help but think when he reached out to Havok did he someone combine himself in an energy state to Havok similar to what he did with Garbriel Summers(Vulcan, who is Havoks younger brother, when he separated himself from Vulcan he made a body of pure energy and was discovered by Beast and Professor X, two key players in First Class. Now aside from just being discovered by Professor X and Beast he was found by Moira MacTaggart and taught by Charles, instead he is found by Charles and Erik in First Class and killed by Shaw.

Now Fox and Vaughn could be going a different route with Darwin being linked with Havok instead of Vulcan, and possibly Charles can read Darwins mind in Havok and releas him. Or may be we find him in an alternate timeline in Days of the Future Pas where he is alive or in the ongoing timeline he is discovered by Charles somehow.

This is all the theory and I hope we will see more of him in the sequel soon.